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Questions about distributing software for multiple different OS releases, including creating installers. See instead /packaging for creating packages for one distro's package manager. See /software-installation for installing software distributed by someone else.

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Is there any electron runtime for flatpak?

As we already now, flatpak runtime decoupling apps and the framework (GTK ,QT, or even freedesktop) to make apps distribution more slimmer. The runtime also have version too so the app developer can ...
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Linux based Operating System (distribution) for python, Maxima, C programming and jupyter notebook

We are fairly new to Linux. We are looking for Suitable Linux based Operating System (distribution) for python, Maxima (computer algebra system), c programming and jupyter notebook. We want to install ...
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Looking for a protected update mechanism for software on a linux-based virtual machine

We use a Linux-based virtual machine with internally developed applications in a cross-organizational area with many different users. The applications and updates are not publicly available, but are ...
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Can we convert a Linux distribution to another by simply copying the set of applications?

If Linux distributions differ by the set of applications, then is it possible to convert one Linux distribution to another by simply copying the apps of that distribution to the target distribution? ...
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Cross Distro way of creating a service user and group?

On Debian/Ubuntu systems I can use the following line to create a user and group named "dv" just for usage on a daemon service (systemd). No SSH login, no password, no home directory etc: ...
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Cross-distro way to determine where Nginx config is at

I'm developing a project that ideally should work on any Linux distribution or FreeBSD with minimal manual effort to install, without having to be packaged in each distribution's repository. It ...
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Debian packages for continuous deployment

I would like to use Debian packages to deploy software (a web application) to a Debian-based server. For reasons beyond the scope of this question we cannot use Docker (or a PaaS such as Heroku) to ...
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Tar multiple files in a custom way?

I faced a problem of building a tarball for my application manually to prepare a distribution. My project structure looks as project_root | |__resources | |____config.conf | ...
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How to distribute deb package to be able to install updates from code

I've made a deb package which contains binaries of my software. Also I've made a repo and configured it so user can install updates using sudo apt-get update mypackage && sudo apt-get install ...
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Command to yield just the linux distribution name only [duplicate]

Suppose I have a set of pre-requisites I need to install for any of a number of linux distributions. In this case, I'd need to switch my install expression against the distribution. I am aware of ...
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Automatic module signing for distribution in Linux

I'm new to writing Linux modules (drivers) and digital signatures, so please correct me if any of my understanding is incorrect. When I run make modules_install on my module, I get the following ...
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Packaging library distribution

I'm working on some shared library and now stuck with the problem that some software refused to pick the newer version, but some has to use the latest since it has some crucial changes. So I need to ...
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porting install scripts : can rpm replace apt?

I have the following install script for ubuntu : #!/bin/bash sudo apt update sudo apt full-upgrade -y sudo apt install jq sudo apt autoclean -y sudo apt autoremove will the following work under ...
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How to prevent automake from overwrting _DATA file

In we have: bin_PROGRAMS = sample sample_SOURCES = main.cpp sampleconfdir = $(sysconfdir)/sample sampleconf_DATA = sample.cfg whenever I install the application using make install, the ...
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Best practice for bundling an ".sh" script that launches another online ".sh" script from any linux distro?

I have created a Java app that depends on Chromium. It needs to be cross platform so all major Linux distros are in play. I've got a real nice script that does just that. ...
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Issue with "make distcheck" in GNU autotools project relating to generating a manual

I'm using autoconf and automake to build a tiny project. For the project's manual, I've used OpenBSD's native mdoc format, and the installable man-formatted manual is generated from this using the ...
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Making Download & Install Style Programs for Linux

I am looking for a way to create download-and-install style programs for Linux. To clarity what I mean by "download & install", I mean that the installation process proceeds like this: User ...
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What exactly is Flatpak and what are its main use-cases? [closed]

I just noticed that the current update of the distribution I'm using (version 18.3 of Linux Mint) boasts supports for "Flatpak". So, I ddg'ed it and found this Wikipedia page about yet. So I ...
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How to identify system shared libraries?

My software tool has some external dependencies. I am distributing it as a conda package for linux64 with precompiled dependencies including shared libraries. Unfortunately I don't know how to ...
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Compiled Executable

If for example I have compiled a simple C program that uses GTK 3 on a machine running Ubuntu, will I be able to run it on other Linux flavours? Note: My actual questions is "Should I label my ...
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EOS - How to understand license agreement of Linux kernel derivative? [closed]

Background: Software licensing generally mean, you don't own software, but you own the right to use it - a license to use it. One criticism about EULA is that it is often pretty lengthy. For ...
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Mixing repositories for different OpenSUSE versions

At the OpenSUSE upgrade page what it takes to upgrade is just to change the repositories to point to the software of the 'destination' system and kind-of 'notices it' and the system then becomes, say, ...
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Package naming and compatibility for Linux system

I have library built as a .so file. I compiled in my Fedora 22. The release of OS is. $ uname -r 4.2.6-200.fc22.x86_64 for example if my library name is '', how should I properly name it ...
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Hardware specs for Linux machine for cluster administration [closed]

I have just started as cluster system administrator and was asked to choose some features to get bought a personal machine to work on, and most intensive calculations will be perform in the cluster. I ...
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Create a repository for home-made packages for RHEL with a basic CentOS

I work on a company network. I have downloaded a centOS CD-ROM from the Internet but i cannot have a direct access to the Internet. I have a limited understanding of the yum package system but I ...
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Distribute Linux system as ISO vs a set of files

Majority of Linux distributions available to install these days are distributed in the form of single ISO file which conforms to both El Torito standard and contains a bootloader so that ISO image can ...
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What's the difference between the various repository branches for a given version and flavor of Ubuntu?

What's the difference between the different branches of the repositories for a specific version and flavor of Ubuntu? Such as main/universe/restricted and so on?
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Are Linux Executables Compatible through All (x86_64) Linux Systems? [closed]

The Windows desktop proprietary softwares I see are usually distributed as statically compiled binary only files, possibly with some dlls, and the needed data files bundled in a package unpacked in a ...
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Bundle my scripts to make an installer in Unix?

We've got a PHP script running MongoDB in the background. I want to make it a bundle (Installer) for Unix. I will use it to install the following on any machines: Install Apache, PHP + MongoDB ...
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How to make Linux application (all in one fille) installer?

I am working on some Linux application. It is the right moment to start thinking about deployment. So my question is: How to create a one file installer like for example *.run or *.sh files that ...
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When were the first graphical app installers created for Linux distributions

Having a discussion at work with a colleague, and he is claiming graphical installers for *nix environments have only been available for the last few years, but I can't find any solid information on ...
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