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In computing, the System Management BIOS (SMBIOS) specification defines data structures (and access methods) in a BIOS which allows a user or application to store and retrieve information specifically about the computer in question. Circa 1999, it became part of the domain of the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF). Before this integration, SMBIOS functionality had the name DMIBIOS, since it interacted with Desktop Management Interface (DMI).

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How to find system bios address in linux

I want to do some interaction with bios of a embedded linux on an AMD Ryzen embedded platform. The main tool I think is flashrom which can read/write flash chips. It should also be possible to write ...
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How to get BIOS Device Name from Linux, same as Windows Device Manager format

My laptop has a display adapter and from Windows 10 I can see its BIOS Device Name from.. Device Manager > Display Adapters > Properties > Details > "BIOS device name" And from ...
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DMI table unreliable?

From the dmidecode man page : the presented information [is] possibly unreliable. They also add: More often than not, information contained in the DMI tables is inaccurate, incomplete or ...
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How to find the kernel boot parameter for a given boot configuration option?

I have a Dell laptop running Debian Sid. Current kernel (4.15.4) is configured to load dell_smbios as module (CONFIG_DELL_SMBIOS=m). This produces the followning error while booting dell_smbios: No ...
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How to clear / reset smart battery memory?

So, I got a new battery for my laptop, and right from the get go, I'm having problems. The battery came almost entirely discharged from the manufacturer. I plugged it into my computer and the batter ...
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Is it possible to find the physical address range of a DIMM?

I note that SMBios Type 20 would help here, but it's optional as of version 2.5 (2006-09-05) pp. 25, L796, and pp. 131, whereas types 16, 17 and 19 are mandatory, but don't quite help. Physical ...
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How can I find the hardware model in Linux?

I used a system information utility to take the model number of a system, and also of the motherboard. DMI System Manufacturer LENOVO DMI System Product 2306CTO DMI System Version ...
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