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Process appears with square brackets ([]) around name after being SIGKILL'd

I am executing and killing a process as follows: python &; pid=$!; sleep 5; kill -9 $!; ps -o pid,sid,uid,state,start,command In other words: I execute a script in the background, ...
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I wish to kill a service with a "sytemctl kill logstash.service" but SIGTERM is received by the service, instead of a SIGKILL. How do I send SIGKILL?

A new logstash version I'm using can't stop, attempting to connect to Elastic all the time, while it can't (an authentication trouble, I will resolve later). a sudo systemctl stop logstash.service isn'...
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How to prevent timeout command to kill?

My process a.out is starting by a timeout command similar to: timeout 1 ./a.out - < file.txt It runs on a server and I have no control over that because it is part of a shell script that being ...
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Signals table in /proc/[PID]

I am trying to overwrite or change the Signals of a process. As I guess there is a table of signals in every process separately. Is there anything like that in the /proc folder? Thank you for your ...
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Intercepting system signal as a strategy to prevent kill calls from taking effect

As a follow up to this question, I am correct that (4) (quote below) is the farthest I can get ? in my app (a .NET app which runs as a systemd daemon), intercept the kernel signal sent to the process ...
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Is there a way to trigger the closing of one program by closing another? A shell script perhaps?

So, my situation is this: I have created a launcher, key bindings and an alias that opens GLava and CMus in a drop-down terminal at the same time, using this shell script: #!/bin/bash c=$(ps -e | ...
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SIGKILL vs cutting of power

What are differences for running program between sudden cutting of power and SIGKILL? We have microservices that use database. I am tasked with creating automatic test that simulates sudden power off (...
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killall and kill doesnt work

I scanned using ClamAV and found these files: [root@ip-172-31-23-37 ~]# sudo clamscan --infected --recursive --exclude-dir="^/sys" / /tmp/.X25-unix/dota3.tar.gz: Multios.Coinminer.Miner-...
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Why does su command ignore SIGSTOP?

After entering su when I prompted to enter a password: user@debian:~$ su Password: I can't send SIGSTOP (ctrl+Z) from my keyboard (the same terminal) - nothing happens. So the only way to exit is to ...
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Terminator layout with command that survives sigkill?

Terminator allows custom layouts with a command such as bash -lc 'npm start'; bash However, triggering SIGKILL (CONTROL-C) will kill part of the terminal and mess up your layout. SIGQUIT works but ...
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What is the delay between SIGTERM and SIGKILL on shutdown?

When a Unix-like system is shut down normally, e.g. using halt, shutdown, poweroff etc. or the GUI equivalents, it will try to exit all processes gracefully first by emitting a SIGTERM signal to them. ...
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Must SIGKILL (and SIGTERM) be explicitly sent to a specified process?

Reading Gilles' answer, SIGHUP is about the same as SIGTERM in terms of harshness, but it has a specific role because it's automatically sent to applications running in a terminal when the user ...
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What does a program do when it's sent SIGKILL signal?

When I used killall -9 name to kill a program, the state become zombie. Some minutes later, it stopped really. So, what's happening during those minutes?
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Is there a way to prevent sigkill to reach a process?

I know that a process cannot prevent SIGKILL. But is there an external way to temporarily prevent SIGKILL to reach a (specific) process? (something like dropping packets by firewalls).
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Email sent to root: "Output from from your job 1843" - "Killed"

I run a Sheevaplug (small ARM server) with Debian 9. It does not have any third-party repos enabled in sources.list / sources.list.d. I have a backup script which runs as root, and uses at. I think ...
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ctrl+c closes terminal window completely - why / how?

I have a process, and when I issue ctrl+c in the terminal, it closes the terminal window completely, anybody know why that might be happening? This is how the process is now started: exec "$(dirname ...
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How do I kill an IRQ process in Linux?

I can not kill irq/${nnn}-nvidia by kill -9 or pkill -f -9. Does anyone how to kill or stop those process? (I am using Ubuntu 16.04, if that is relevant.)
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