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Shell Options dictate how the shell application behaves and responds to the user commands.

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Are there any caveats in using shopt -s autocd?

I have recently discovered the feature shopt -s autocd: autocd If set, a command name that is the name of a directory is executed as if it were the ...
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Usage of gnu_errfmt option in bash

I readed GNU/Bash document but i can't understand or find any realworld usage example. gnu_errfmt If set, shell error messages are written in the standard GNU error message format. When i try: └─$ ...
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What does shopt histreedit do?

shopt histreedit is supposed to allow the user to re-edit a failed history substitution. How can a history substitution fail? How is histreedit different from histverify?
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Should the option "--rcfile /dev/null" have the same effect as "--norc" when invoking bash?

To avoid the XY problem scenario, I'll explain why I'm asking this question. I remember I had shopt -s extglob set in my ~/.bashrc file, because things like @(pattern-list) do work. However, I've just ...
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mv cdable_vars - where has my .bashrc gone? [closed]

I thought it would be clever to have an alias to my dotfiles repo, where I keep my dotfiles such as .bashrc. Following a recommendation, I added this to my .bashrc: shopt -s cdable_vars export ...
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is it enough to set "shopt -s nocaseglob" once / script?

Is it enough to set shopt -s nocaseglob once in a bash-script, or do I need to set it before every function in the script. Do I need to turn it on again after the script is completed or is this only a ...
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bash overrides the history even with histappend set to on

I'm trying to write the bash history to a file (...| 1 |...), then change one character (...| 2 |...) in HISTTIMEFORMAT environment variable run couple commands and being able to see commands from the ...
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Aliases don't work in interactive zsh

I have a curious problem where my aliases are listed when I type alias, but they are not executable. Here, I try to alias d to date: % which alias alias: shell built-in command % alias d=/usr/bin/...
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Extended globbing inside script - what am I doing wrong?

so I'm trying to select a range of files using an interactive script. The end goal is to use the read command but for demonstration here I assigned the glob variable manually #!/bin/bash shopt -s ...
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Which bash shell options are used by the parser?

Restricting our focus exclusively to bash, in this answer on Stack Overflow it is reported the following. extglob is a flag used by the parser. Functions, compound commands, &c. are parsed in ...
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Does setting the bash shell option 'checkhash' actually improve the performance of bash commands?

Premise: In the process of modifying .bashrc, and going through the bash manual for shopt online page for the different shell options that can be handled by shopt, I came across the option checkhash, ...
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Why does shopt -s nullglob remove a string with question mark in an array element?

This little setting drove me crazy: shopt -s nullglob I use it in my bash 4.3 script as a global setting to avoid errors scanning empty directories. Now I found a strange problem which I do not ...
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Setting bash options in a compound command

I have found that setting the extglob shell option only within a compound compound results in failure of subsequent extended globs. Are shell options required to be set outside of compound commands? I ...
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Cannot enable shopt extglob from bash command string argument? (temporarily set shopt extglob) [duplicate]

I'm using bash version: $ bash --version GNU bash, version 4.4.23(1)-release (x86_64-pc-msys) So, say I have these files: $ ls a.txt aa b.txt bb README Say, I want to list anything but aa; (...
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shopt -s cdable_vars is not expanding as expected

In my cluster (I don't have root access of it), I have defined in my .bashrc: shopt -s cdable_vars shopt -s direxpand export s13=/c13scratch/rudrab I am the owner of the /c13scratch/rudrab: ll /...
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MV exclude folder not working

I'm trying to copy all of the files/directories inside a folder but would like to exclude one folder as I want all the other file to be inside that folder. To better demonstrate below is the folder ...
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Linux Redhat 7 : How to set a shell option globally / system-wide?

I'm having some troubled time trying to figure out how to turn on the xpg_echo option of the bash for every shell that will get run on my Linux RedHat system (7.4). I know I can have what I need (the ...
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How can I prevent unsupported 'shopt' options from causing errors in my .bashrc?

I work in a relatively heterogeneous environment where I may be running different versions of Bash on different HPC nodes, VMs, or my personal workstation. Because I put my login scripts in a Git repo,...
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Excluding certain files from moving but move hidden ones too

In my deployment script I have such as code to exclude certain files. shopt -s extglob mv !(|file1|file2) ~/$public It works almost well but ignores hidden files so they are not moved. How ...
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globstar: `**string*` not descending into subdirs `**/*string*` does

Given is a set of files in (sub)directories matching a string like in e.g.: find -name 'string' | sort ./1/2/3/4/string ./1/2/3/string ./1/2/string ./1/string ./string Why does using globstar to ...
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Change shopt output

Is there a way to change the output when shopt is invoked to something more verbose like a different color or a custom text? For example: ~ >> shopt -s cdspell ~ >> cd Projectss Projects ...
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Is there a shopt glob setting or setting combo that behaves like tcsh?

I'm transitioning from being a long time tcsh user to a new bash user (it's way overdue). I wrote a lot of foreach loops in tcsh on the fly on a regular basis, so I learned the syntax for bash's for ...
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shopt -s extdebug in .bashrc not working in script files

I am writing a a bash script with the intention of echoing commands before they are executed. I source the script inside .bashrc. But it does not affect other bash scripts that I run. Below ...
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Check for bash options

I have a function and would like to use the pipefail option inside. But I don't want to simply set -o pipefail, because I fear that another part of the script may not expect pipefail to be set. Of ...
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When is a multiline history entry (aka lithist) in bash possible?

In the bash reference manual it states: lithist If enabled, and the cmdhist option is enabled, multi-line commands are saved to the history with embedded newlines rather than using semicolon ...
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Bash 'cd' with cdable_vars: how to suppress CWD echo?

I have used the Bash shopt cdable_vars option for years. When I cd to a destination that requires cdable_vars to resolve, the shell echoes my CWD before returning me to the prompt. When I cd to a ...
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Why No manual entry for shopt? [duplicate]

man-db is already the newest version. shopt can run,but no man shopt info.
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Is there a "ls" replacement that can handle wildcards?

I just learned that ls cannot handle wildcards (ls '*' does not work) and therefore the shell does it before ls is invoked. So the behaviour of ls may be considered as logically for people working 20 ...
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Why does history not overwrite but append when histappend is set to off in Bash?

Several days ago, I had one Terminal tab doing ssh, and the other doing a lot of work locally. And then I restarted the machine (on a Mac with Mavericks). When I ran Terminal again, I found that all ...
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How can I list Bash's options for the current shell?

The Bash interpreter itself has options. For example, those mentioned on lines 22-23 of Bash's man page: OPTIONS All of the single-character shell options documented in the description of the set ...
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Scope of shopt options in cron script

I have a bash script that is run nightly in a cron job. It needs to do case insensitive file matching, so the script calls shopt -s nocaseglob I want to make sure this does not affect other cron ...
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How to combine Bash's read with HERE-document when shopt -os errexit is in place? [duplicate]

I am trying to make use of the solution presented in one of the answers of In Bash version 4.2.47(1)-...
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Is there a command which displays options like `errexit` and `braceexpand` other than `help set`?

If you type help set, then - among other things - a list of shell options is displayed. But these options are not the same as those displayed with shopt. And different also from those displayed with ...
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How can I make my .bashrc call to shopt -s autocd depend on the bash version?

In Ubuntu I like having shopt -s autocd in my .bashrc file for automatic CD'ing with typing 'cd', i.e. just type the directory name (and probably use tab completion too) and press return and be cd'd ...
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How do you get descriptions of the available `shopt` options?

What is the canonical way for accessing the local documentation on any available Shell Options builtin with shopt? I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 and can run help shopt to get a description of what shopt ...
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bash not setting autocd

I try to set autocd option in bash so I don't have to type cd src and can just type src. However shopt -s autocd gives me: -bash: shopt: autocd: invalid shell option name (Ubuntu 8.04 hardy)
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Function caller positional parameters

I need to read and write the positional parameters $@ of a function's caller. The Bash man page says that: A shell function is an object that is called like a simple command and executes a ...
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What are the scope restrictions for setting shopt extglob. and other options?

My non-interactive bash shell has extglob off. I would like to turn it on in the statement immediately before a command, but I have noticed that when shopt -s extglob is within an if .. then .. else ...
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Set and Shopt - Why Two?

set and shopt are both shell builtins that control various options. I often forget which options are set by which command, and which option sets/unsets (set -o/+o, shopt -s/-u). Why are there two ...
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