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Using the same file system with more than one operating system.

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Sharing many folders between two Linuxes

I have dual boot Arch and Ubuntu, and what I want to do is to share folders such as Documents, Downloads, Desktop e.g. so I can use them in both operating system The usual way is just to create new ...
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How to clean ambiguous folder paths created while mounting shared folders in Linux?

I didn't know how to phrase this question better. I hope the following description is clear. I have Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon installed alongside Windows 10, on a dual-boot system. Between the two OS, ...
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How to remove Ubuntu from dual boot in Kali?

My laptop has a 2Gb ram & 500Gb of rom & I've ubuntu installed but a few days back I dual booted & installed Kali linux by creating a 100 Gb partition using Ubuntu Live USB. Now I want to ...
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Can i use the same /home partition for multiple distro's partitons [duplicate]

Hello Unix/Linux Stackexchange. I have a mulri-part question about the /home partition. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply to all the questions below. Is it possible to share the /home ...
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Cant access drives prepared in Windows

Recently I've installed Linux Mint Cinnamon alongside Windows 10 on my SSD. However, the other two drives I have are not properly recognized by Linux Mint. One appears on the File System tree, but I ...
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How to copy partitions from one device to another, including boot partitions?

Basic Explanation How could I copy partitions sdh1 though shd4 from my 600gb HDD (sdh) to my 1 TB SSD (sdg)? Which are my Windows partitions and still keep it bootable? I used GPT. Below is a ...
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How to Automount NTFS partition and make it avaiable without clicking drive in file manager?

I'm running Linux Mint 19, Cinnamon. This particular issue has existed on mint 18 as well as Mate and Cinnamon desktop environments The problem is this: I have a single drive partitioned into ...
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Different Linux distros sharing applications

Multiple Linux distros can be installed on the same machine. The format of executables should be the same for every one of them. So I want to use multiple distros on a single machine and have access ...
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GParted, Linux, TrueOS (FreeBSD desktop), Windows - what partition scheme should I choose?

I have a laptop (Samsung, 8GB Ram, HDD 1TB) and I want to set it up as multi-boot with: Fedora Oracle Linux CentOS TrueOS Windows I want approx. 200GB on each of them - which is plenty for my ...
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Replace an old distribution with a newer one alongside Windows

About 1 year ago, I installed Kali Linux alongside Windows 7. I made 2 primary partition (ntfs) and an extended partition for Linux. The first ntfs partition is used to install Windows 7, the other ...
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Resizing the ESP /boot/efi partition

I have an existing Debian 9 installation on a 2 TB GPT formatted internal SSD/SATA hybrid hard disk on a brand new Acer laptop. The entire Debian install takes up a mere 600 GB of the hard drive. No ...
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Use single partition as home directory on multiple OSs

Suppose I have a hard drive, my only HDD, and I want to keep my home directory as a separate partition, sda3. Now consider that I wish to use two other partitions, namely sda 4 and 5 to install two ...
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Dual BOOT Windows / Linux Some files disappears

I have 3 operating systems in my computer : Windows 10, Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 LTS and ArchLinux. I use all of them for my different works. I use a FAT partition to share data into the different ...
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Accessing FAT32 partition from Windows

I'm working on a Raspberry Pi project on a Zero board. I'd be so happy if I could write a sizable number of files from a Windows or MAC laptop onto the microSD card that I plug into my Pi project, and ...
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Hibernation of a dual boot machine with a shared writable partition

This question is similar to the one about resuming from hibernate in a dual boot PC, but i do not assume here that the two systems share the swap. Even though answers to these questions would ...
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How to clean install and dual boot/multi boot windows 10 Ubuntu and Kali?

Okay so I am new to Linux, I recently tried dual booting my laptop (with 1 TB hard-disk and 4 GB RAM which can upgrade upto 16 GB which I am planning to do) with windows 10 and Ubuntu but after ...
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share /usr/bin between Lubuntu and Mint?

I have got problems with video drivers and display in LM17. An old CD of Lubuntu worked as a livedrive so I have installed it on a partition. So I have got easy access to all my files etc. can I ...
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To secure my data, is it good to have separate data partitions (along with separate home partition)

I am installing a fresh Ubuntu 15.10 on my laptop after erasing my hard disk completely. Now, what I am interested to know is whether it is good to have a separate data partition along with separate ...
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FreeBSD shared swap partition with Linux

What must I do, to run these commands before Arch Linux calls swapon -a? mkswap /dev/sdaX swapon /dev/sdaX Just in case it matters, /dev/sdaX was created in FreeBSD 10.1 environment, as soon as ...
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Is it possible to have linux AND the preinstalled version of windows?

I'd like to install linux (debian or ubuntu), but keep the preinstalled Windows that came with the computer, apparently the installation files are in a hidden partition (obviously I don't have any ...
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How should I distribute files/packages/software across multiple drives?

I am primarily a Windows user, but I am starting to use Linux more as I realize all the features it has. In Windows, I install my software that I use regularly on my 120GB SSD, along with the OS, ...
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