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How to make a restrictive syscall *whitelist* with systemd-nspawn?

I'm trying to lock down a container using systemd-nspawn, so that only the specific syscalls I whitelist are allowed. Per the documentation, there's a pretty lax filter in place by default, ...
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seccomp vs bcc for syscall interception

how can I use seccomp and prctl syscall vs bcc to interception syscalls? Is there another way to achieve this goal with bcc ?? I know that it is possible with pure ebpf code in C but it is too ...
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How to debug systemd seccomp SystemCallFilter unit-name.service: Main process exited, code=killed, status=31/SYS?

systemd unit file: [Service] SystemCallFilter=[...] Error message: unit-name.service: Main process exited, code=killed, status=31/SYS How to find out which system call is missing in the whitelist?
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Invalid system call error when executing file command

I noticed a strange thing. When I run the file command as a regular user, I always get an invalid system call error. For example in zsh: $ file ~/.zshrc [1] 18553 invalid system call file ~/....
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How to install linux/seccomp.h in centos6

It seems that kernel-headers rpm does not include seccomp.h, I am wondering where to find seccomp.h header file on centos6?
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How can a malicious seccomp filter cause an attempt to use `setuid(2)` to return 0, without actually making the system call?

I was reading the documentation on seccomp(2) on my Debian system, and stumbled upon the following sentence from the paragraph below: Such a malicious filter might, for example, cause an ...
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