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Secure Copy or SCP is a means of securely transferring computer files between a local and a remote host or between two remote hosts.

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How to copy a file from a remote server to a local machine?

In my terminal shell, I ssh'ed into a remote server, and I cd to the directory I want. Now in this directory, there is a file called table that I want to copy to my local machine /home/me/Desktop. ...
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scp without replacing existing files in the destination

How do I copy an entire directory into a directory of the same name without replacing the content in the destination directory? (instead, I would like to add to the contents of the destination folder)
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How to use wildcards (*) when copying with scp?

Why can't I copy with scp when I'm using * characters in the path? scp SERVERNAME:/DIR/* . What configuration does SCP need in order to allow * in the path? UPDATE: the problem is not on server ...
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How to copy all files from a directory to a remote directory using scp?

My goal is copy only all files from ~/local_dir to [email protected] /var/www/html/target_dir using scp and do not create local_dir category in local_dir. /var/www/html/target_dir/files.. but not /...
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Can scp create a directory if it doesn't exist?

I want to use scp to upload files but sometimes the target directory may not exist. Is it possible to create the folder automatically? If so, how? If not, what alternative way can I try?
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Use scp to transfer a file from local directory X to remote directory Y

I took a look around at other questions here and at various "scp usage" tutorials on Internet, but I can't sort out what's wrong. I'm using Linux Mint and I'm trying to figure out how scp works. I'...
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Error using SCP: "not a regular file"

I have been searching for a while and I can't find the definition of a regular file. My path is permanent (I start at /) and I am connecting to scp root@IP: /path/to/picture.jpg Results in an ...
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How to get scp to copy the file instead of its symlink

I want to scp a file to a server. The file is a symbolic link, and actually what I want to do is copy the source file. I don't want to track the source file's path manually, because it can be replaced....
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Why is scp so slow and how to make it faster?

I'm trying to copy a batch of files with scp but it is very slow. This is an example with 10 files: $ time scp cap_* user@host:~/dir cap_20151023T113018_704979707.png 100% 413KB 413.2KB/s 00:00 ...
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What's the difference between SFTP, SCP and FISH protocols?

I used to think SCP is a tool to copy files over SSH, and copying files over SSH is called SFTP, which is itself a synonym to FISH. But now as I was looking for a Total Commander plugin to do this in ...
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Transfer files using scp: permission denied

I try to transfer files from remote computer using ssh to my computer : scp My_file.txt user_id@server:/Home This should put My_file.txt in the home folder on my own computer, right? I get scp/...
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Autocomplete server names for SSH and SCP

I have a few servers configured in ~/.ssh/config, such as alpha and beta. How might I configure Bash such that the commands $ ssh alTab and $ scp file.tgz alTab autocomplete the names of the ...
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scp and compress at the same time, no intermediate save

What is the canonical way to: scp a file to a remote location compress the file in transit (tar or not, single file or whole folder, 7za or something else even more efficient) do the above without ...
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How can I best copy large numbers of small files over scp?

I have a directory that's got several gigabytes and several thousand small files. I want to copy it over the network with scp more than once. CPU time on the source and destination machines is cheap, ...
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Is there ever a reason to use scp instead of rsync?

Is there a reason to use scp instead of rsync? I can see no reason for using scp ever again, rsync does everything that scp does, with more safety (can preserve symlinks etc).
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Is scp unsafe? Should it be replaced with sftp?

I have over 20 years experience in Un*x, and I have been using scp for immemorial times. scpis over SSH, therefore I consider it as secure as the latter. Now, in my company, where I recently took up a ...
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SCP fails without error

I've been experiencing very strange behavior of SCP for some time: whenever I try to copy a file, the output of SCP contains a bunch of underscores and the file is not copied. $ scp test.txt 192.168....
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What does the `-C` flag exactly do in `scp`?

I always use either rsync or scp in order to copy files from/to a remote machine. Recently, I discovered in the manual of scp (man scp) the flag -C -C Compression enable. Passes the -C flag to ...
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Scp from one server to another server?

I am trying to copy files from one server directly to another, bypassing my local computer. I did scp -r [email protected]:~/data/* [email protected]:~/data/ Password: Host key verification ...
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scp wildcard not working in zsh

I have switched over to zsh, and it is working fine. One strange thing, when I try to scp with a * wildcard, it does not work, and I have to drop into bash. The second command below works fine. Any ...
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How to copy only new files using "scp" command?

I was copying hundreds of files to another computer using the scp command that I got the stalled error. Now I am going to copy the files again. Is there any way to avoid copying the already copied ...
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How to pull a file from a server using scp?

I am on machine A and want to pull a file from machine B. A$ scp <myuserid>@hostB:<path of file in B> . it says that: scp: <path of file in B>: No such file or directory But on ...
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Do you need a shell for SCP?

I'm allowing a friend a local account on my machine, exclusively for SCP. Can I specify his account's shell as /bin/true, or in any other way limit the account, while still allowing SCP?
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3 answers

Restricting an SSH/SCP/SFTP user to a directory

Is there a simple way to restrict an SCP/SFTP user to a directory? All methods that I've come across require me to set a chroot jail up by copying binaries, but I don't think that should be necessary.
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Sending files over Samba with command line

I was wondering if there is a way to use Samba to send items to a client machine via the command line (I need to send the files from the Samba server). I know I could always use scp but first I was ...
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How to pipe a remote file to stdout over scp or sftp?

Using ssh, it is easy to print the contents of a file using ssh host 'cat file.txt' When ssh is disabled, and only SFTP is enabled, running the previous command gives the following error: This ...
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Does a `scp` transfer close when I close the shell?

I have scp transfer (from one remote server to another), that is quite big. So maybe I want close the computer from which I executed this command, will this end the transfer? I have ssh access to ...
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Transferring large (8 GB) files over ssh

I tried it with SCP, but it says "Negative file size". >scp matlab.iso xxx@xxx:/matlab.iso matlab.iso: Negative file size Also tried using SFTP, worked fine until 2 GB of the file had transferred,...
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How can I download a file from a host I can only SSH to through another host?

I want to download files from my office computer to my laptop. I can connect my office machine by SSH to the organization server and then SSH from the server to my office machine. The only commands ...
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2 answers

Copying files with certain extensions with scp

I want to copy over .jpg and .png files with scp, but there files with different extensions in the same folder I'm copying from. I am doing the following: scp [email protected]:/folder/*.{jpg,...
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sftp command to get/download .tar.gz file

I thought I was familiar with sftp commands in unix and upto my knowledge the command to used to download a compressed file from the server is sftp get filename.tar.gz But when I tried this ...
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scp command working in bash doesn't work in zsh

This command works fine in bash: bash-3.2$ scp luna4:/u/paige/maye/src/diviner/notebooks/plots/hk_* . hk_az.png 100% 126KB 126.0KB/s 00:00 ...
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Why does SCP hang on copying files larger than 1405 bytes? [duplicate]

I'm trying to copy a file from one of my local machines to a remote machine. Copying a file with size upto 1405 bytes works fine. When I try to scp a larger file, the file gets copied but the scp ...
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Transfer a file over a unstable SSH connection

I'm trying to upload some big files (around 10GB) with a slow upload speed (200kb/s) on a often disconnected SSH connection (due to poor network conditions). I'm trying to use scp, but if there is a ...
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How to scp with regular expressions

I'm trying to copy all files that do not begin with the letter "a", in ksh. Copying from the source machine to destination machine is working fine: scp -p !(a*) user@machine:/path/directory/. But, ...
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Do I need to check for file corruption once scp is done?

I have recursively transferred many files and folders with scp, using the command: scp -rp /source/folder [email protected]:/destination/folder After the transfer is completed, do I ...
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scp from one remote server to another remote server

I have one big file on server one and I want to copy it to server two using scp. I have the keys setup properly and I can ssh/scp to both servers from my desktop. The file I need to copy is larger ...
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Copy over ssh and execute commands in one session [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Using an already established SSH channel Here is my sync script: ssh [email protected] /etc/init.d/some_service stop scp [email protected]:/var/some_service/events ./events scp ...
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Changing user while scp

I need to copy file between Linux machines. The problem that the user I use to login (myuser), is different from the user that can access the file. If I just ssh to the machine, I can switch the user ...
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How to view progress with sshpass and scp in linux?

In my Linux terminal, I am using this command sshpass -p "pass" scp -r [email protected]:/cmshome/me/file /home/me/Desktop to download a file with a password in it. Without the sshpass, I can see the ...
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how to find out the ip of an ssh HostName

Is there a simple way to retrieve the IP of a HostName from an ssh config on the command line? Many times I have to use scp and would like to connect to a machine, but I remember only the HostName.
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How do I scp via ssh? [duplicate]

I have a LINUX machine (remote), and a MAC machine (local). Our system administrator set up an "SSH" method, whereby I can ssh from my MAC, to my LINUX machine, via this command on my MAC: ssh marcus@...
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5 answers

SCP from one server to another without password prompt

What is the best way of doing scp from one box to the other without prompting for password? There are two servers: Server A ( /home/oracle/export/files.txt Server B ( /home/...
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Suppress server message in rsync

When I rsync or scp from a particular server I get a rather long message telling me the rules of the server. However when I setup regular pulls, I'd like to be able to suppress those messages in my ...
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How can I save password,when using SCP (copy)?

I'm facing problem when I pull a file from another machine to my machine using SCP. File is successfully transferred but each time it asks for password. I want to run this SCP command as a cronjob, ...
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How to copy with SCP between two servers using key auth?

I can log in via SSH using key authentication to SERVER1 and SERVER2. However, I can't copy files between the two servers. Why? How can I copy between them? (the data that I have to copy is bigger ...
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cp: cannot stat : No such file or directory

I am getting an error when I try to copy a file from my local computer to a remote server with ssh. I get the same error whether I use cp or scp. Here is my input at the resulting error: [root@xxx....
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Transferring millions of files from one server to another

I have two servers. One of them has 15 million text files (about 40 GB). I am trying to transfer them to another server. I considered zipping them and transferring the archive, but I realized that ...
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Running scp when .bashrc of remote machine includes source command

I cannot copy a file over scp when the remote machine .bashrc file includes source command to update paths and some variables. Why does it happen?
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How to use SFTP in a script to non-interactively pull file from remote host?

I want to use a shell script to pull a file from another server. I have written a script where i can do this but i want the script to work non-interactively so that it doesn't prompt me for the ...
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