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This tag is meant to be used with questions relating to satellite communication links. Do not confuse it with /redhat-satellite. For other /wireless tags, see: /mobile, /wifi, /bluetooth.

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how make visual host in centos7 litespeed

My website show in port 8080 in server. How connect my domain name to IPSERVER:8080 Server: CentOS 7 - Litespeed I have little information in this regard
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Red Hat Satellite - Can it push out config changes to the machines it manages?

Can Satellite make config changes to the machines it manages en mass? Specifically looking to change the yum.conf file on 30 machines. I need a quick answer, google search results bring up pdf ...
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How to set time in nanoseconds?

I have a Raspberry Pi with a GPS module connected to it. Since all GPS satellites have very precise atomic clocks on them, I would like to synchronize the Pi's clock to the satellites' clocks. I know ...
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Bond two Internet connections of varying quality

I live in a remote part of the country, Internet-wise. I utilize a satellite based Internet, but it's having many problems during peak traffic times. I have researched a bit and found Ubuntu Bonding. ...
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Setting time through GPS dongle

There is this code that claims to set the time of your Linux environment, date -s '01/01/2014 00:01' sleep 1 pkill ntpd pkill gpsd ...
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Network issue in vsat

In my server-client architecture, I multicast 100 MB files to many clients from server via satellite link. Network traversal is through 5 hops. I have the 10Mbps ( i.e. 1250 Kilo Byte per second ) ...
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