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Moving files without duplicating them to an S3FS-mounted storage bucket

Does the mv command (temporary) duplicate the moved files when the target is an S3FS mount? I have a VM that is reaching total space consumption. So, I'd like to move some files to a storage bucket (...
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Mount specific folder in bucket using s3fs in /etc/fstab

Using S3FS, a specific folder in a bucket can be mounted using s3fs bucket:/path/to/folder <mountpoint>. This works fine for me. I'd like to mount in the same way using an entry in /etc/fstab, ...
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How can I set up a common SFTP directory for certain users, mounted with s3fs?

I'm looking to set up a common directory which is writable via SFTP by a certain set of users. This set of users should be able to access only this directory, and only via SFTP. I have successfully ...
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How to test speed of an s3 bucket mounted via s3fs-fuse?

I have an s3 share that's mounted via [s3fs-fuse][1] and would like to run some speed tests to compare throughput on DreamHost's DreamObjects vs Amazon S3. Everything is mounted and working just fine ...
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s3fs refuses to compile on CentOS 7, why's it not finding Fuse?

The Fuse packages that are available by default on CentOS 7.3 are a bit dated. The compilation process for Fuse 3 and s3fs should be pretty straight forward. Fuse compiles and installs fine: mkdir ~/...
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Search inside s3 bucket with logs

How to search for a string inside a lot of .gz files in Amazon S3 bucket subfolder? I tried to mount it via s3fs and zgrep but it's sooooo slow. Do you use any other methods? Maybe is there any ...
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Installing s3fuse on Ubuntu ( bitnami ec2) [closed]

I am installing s3fs-fuse on Ubuntu 14.04 ( Bitnami - EC2). Actually I want to mount S3 bucket. I installed the required dependencies successfully by running following command apt-get install build-...
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FUSE hangs trying to mount network filesystem on login

I am using Fedora 23 and I have autofs set to automount some s3fs FUSE filesystems when directories under /mnt/s3 are accessed. Since I set this up, I always experience an additional delay upon ...
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Incrontab doesn't detect modifications on a s3fs mount

This is my incrontab line: /srv/www IN_MODIFY,IN_ATTRIB,IN_CREATE,IN_DELETE,IN_CLOSE_WRITE,IN_MOVE rsync --quiet --recursive --links --hard-links --perms --acls --xattrs --owner --group --delete --...
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s3fs complains about SSH key or SSL cert - how to fix?

I downloaded and installed s3fs 1.73 on my Debian Wheezy system. The specific steps I took were, all as root: apt-get -u install build-essential libfuse-dev fuse-utils libcurl4-openssl-dev libxml2-...
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