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A tool for identifying or deleting duplicate files in a given set of directories and sub-directories, similar to fdupes.

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/sbin/init does not exist after removing duplicates with rmlint

So I executed rmlint to remove duplicates on my archlinux, and executed the script it generated. Then I reboot and got the message bailing out you are on your own. Good luck. And /sbin/init does ...
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How to use `rmlint` to remove duplicates only from one location and leave all else untouched?

I have two locations /path/to/a and /path/to/b. I need to find duplicate files in both paths and remove only items in /path/to/b items. rmlint generates quite a large removal script, but it contains ...
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How to use rmlint to merge two large folders?

In exploring options to merge two folders, I've come across a very powerful tool known as rmlint. It has some useful documentation (and Gentle Guide). I have a scenario that I previously mentioned and ...
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What does a rmlint's "clone" for btrfs do?

I was reading the rmlint manual, and one of the duplicate handlers are clone and reflink: · clone: btrfs only. Try to clone both files with the BTRFS_IOC_FILE_EXTENT_SAME ioctl(3p). This will ...
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