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Questions tagged [ripping]

Ripping means grabbing the audio or video content (typically from a CD or DVD)

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How to use eyeD3 for abcde since pep 668

How can I use eyeD3 in Debian 12 with abcde since pep 668? I am trying to use abcde with output set to mp3 set in .abcde.conf. abcde does not find eyeD3, so I try to install. However, pip3/pip tell me ...
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How to rip movie dvd with copy protection?

I'm trying to rip a movie dvd to an ISO image. When I try to copy it, at the beginning it seems like everything is working fine. But when it reaches around 650MB (I guess that's the start of the main ...
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My disc drive does not recognize some (known-working) discs

I'm running Linux Mint 18.2. I have an Asus Blu-Ray drive, marked as also being able to read DVDs and CDs. I have two music CDs and two data CDs to which I have immediate access, and which I have ...
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Ripping cd at multiple mp3 bit-rates at once using abcde

I've been trying to rip mp3 copies of my cds using abcde. My issue is that I want to rip two sets of mp3s at two different bit-rates. One high bit-rate set for playback on my computer, and another ...
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How do I prevent my cd ripper from overwriting Unknown Album when metadata can't be found

I'm starting the longish process of ripping my CD collection. I've got abcde installed with the config from Andrew's Corner. It seems to be working ok but when the metadata fetch fails, the MP3s get ...
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abcde ripping to wav

I am trying to find out configuration for abcde to extract a cd to wav. I am using mp3 config file from but I dont know what the wav encoder or abcde configs ...
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abcde writes wrong play times to MP3 files

I don't know any solution to my problem. I don't even know the cause and have a hard time trying to find it. I am ripping my Audio CDs using abcde, which is, basically, working well. It is configured ...
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How to extract the WAV tracks from Blu-ray or DVD-Audio discs?

I would like to find a way to rip the WAV tracks (LPCM 2.0, 192kHz, 24-bit) from a Blu-ray Audio or a DVD-Audio disc using Linux. (Once extracted, it should then be a breeze to encode the audio tracks ...
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How to rip a scratched DVD-Video? (a "cdparanoia for DVDs")

I usually use the very nice and simple dvdbackup program to rip and backup my DVD-Video. However some of my DVDs have a few scratches and my DVD drive has some trouble reading a few sectors. So, is ...
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CD Ripping Without Temporary Files

I would like to be able to rip a CD through the command line (using cdparanoia and lame, preferably) without having to use temporary files. I'm thinking that this would save some time with the ...
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Rip audio CDs while keeping extraction and encoding separate

I'd like to rip my audio CDs to mp3. I know this has been discussed to a good extent but I'm not sure if my setup makes sense, though. I want to use an older PC for that and I have read on the net ...
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2 answers

Rip chapters of a DVD to separate files

I have a DVD with cartoons for kids and there are a couple of episodes on every one of them. How can I rip them such that every episode is in a separate file? I think every episode is written as a ...
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FLAC correctness using MD5 placed in STREAMINFO

I know from [Sources], that FLAC computes CRC and MD5. What I am afraid that flac --test only does CRC test - as stated in man flac : same as -d except no decoded file is written . How to check flac ...
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How to rip a DVD to a format like ogm/mkv

I'm trying to convert a DVD to some reasonable format. I'm not opposed to 1:1 conversion, but I want to at least change the container to ogm/mkv. I have already tried various GUI tools like dvd::rip ...
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mp3info fails to make MP3 data fields readable by Android

I have been struggling for months on how to add mp3 tags readable by (of all things) Android? (mp3info doesn't seem to set the fields in a way readable by Android music players, and neither does ...
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2 answers

Rip an audio CD 1:1

Is there a way to rip an audio CD to an ISO9660 file? I've tried simple things like dd in the past and it hasn't worked. I'd like to essentially have a mirror image of exactly what's on the disk, not ...
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Selectively disabling gvfsd-cdda in Debian Squeeze?

Is there a way to selectively disable gvfsd-cdda on Debian Squeeze? Since I updated my machine to Squeeze grip can no longer eject a CD, which interferes with ripping. I traced it back to gvfsd-cdda, ...
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How to rip scratched audio cds?

What is currently the best way to rip scratched audio cds under Linux? What I find complicated, is that there are several tools available but it is not clear if one tool has better error correction ...
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