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Questions tagged [ripgrep]

ripgrep is a line-oriented search tool that recursively searches your current directory for a regex pattern while respecting your gitignore rules. Also: rg

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1 answer

using ripgrep with regex including literal dollar symbol

Suppose I have a script containing something like VAR=${VAR1%.*} I'm looking for a command along the lines of rg "${.*%" to find it, but I can't get anywhere near. all of these fail rg &...
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to search for files with 2 (full or partial) keywords content (txt files) in a folder and sub folder and files with specific filename

I just want to share this, and hoping will get more similar tool. I got a directory of text files.. i need to search for the files with 2 (partial) words in it.. the keywords are in random order, but ...
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2 answers

List files where searched term occurs more than a Threshold

I have a command like rga --files-with-matches --count-matches --sort path -i -e "use cases?" -e "user stor(y|ies)" -e "Technical debt" -e "Code Quality" -e &...
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How can I search only git tracked files with a specific file extension?

I'd like to search all git tracked files that 1. has an .hs file extension and 2. contain the word import in any lines. I've tried to use git ls-files -z | xargs -0 rg -g '*.hs' "import" ...
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How does pattern matching work in grep for accented characters (eg. á, è, ò)

What characters match the following regex : ^[a-zA-Z]$ Specifically, should characters with accents (eg. á, è, ò) match this regex? Or just 26 lower and upper case alphabets? I have tried to check ...
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How to use stdin to give data to rankmirrors command

Probably a rooky question, but I have seen that the "rankmirrors" command can use the stdin input. But when I run the following command (which retrieve all URL in use in the "...
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5 answers

Recursive grep matching only specific line number

How can I can I find files that contain a specific pattern on a specific line number ? Let's assume I have a directory with a bunch of text files containing 3 lines, such as: Title A Category X ...
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2 answers

using ripgrep to find adjacent word

How to use ripgrep to find adjacent duplicated words. for example one hello hello world How to locate hello hello by using ripgrep? Solved rg '(hello)[[:blank:]]+\1' --pcre2 <<<'one hello ...
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2 answers

How to individually process each path from a list of paths output from ripgrep

I'm on Linux Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04. Ripgrep (rg) can output a list of paths to files containing matches like this: # search only .txt files rg 'my pattern to match' -g '*.txt' -l # long form rg 'my ...
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How to I properly set the advanced FZF_DEFAULT_COMMAND environment variable to get it working properly with with fzf plugin installed?

I'm new to z shell and I have the following in my zshrc to integrate fzf with rg. This is exactly how it appears in the fzf readme: FZF_BASE=/usr/local/bin DISABLE_FZF_AUTO_COMPLETION="...
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7 votes
3 answers

How to match a literal string containing an unclosed quote with ripgrep?

I have a file that contains the some python code. There is a line that contains the following(including the quotes) 'hello "value"' I want to search 'hello "value" in the file. ...
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1 vote
4 answers

Replace (one or) two different patterns in a file with regexp

Suppose an input.txt file that contains several strings as the following ones: [[foo>a|a]] [[foo>b|b]] [[foo>c|c]] that I'd like to replace by: :foo:`a` :foo:`b` :foo:`c` I guess I could ...
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2 answers

ripgrep type definition to skip tests

I would like to be able to run rg -Ttests instead of typing rg -g'!tests/' -g '!test/' -g'!Tests/' -g '!Test/' , is that possible?
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10 votes
2 answers

ripgrep path pattern

I'd like ripgrep to search paths with the specified pattern. For e.g. rg PATTERN --path REGEX where PATTERN is the pattern to grep and REGEX is the path matching pattern. I have scattered through ...
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1 answer

How can I search a specific list of files with ripgrep?

I've got a list of files that I would like to search for a pattern with ripgrep. How can this be done?
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How is ripgrep different from silver searcher ag? [closed]

Are these related? Which is faster? Can either be limited to directory-names?
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ripgrep: print only filenames matching pattern

Using ripgrep (rg), can I print only the filenames which match a given pattern? There are two separate things I'm trying to do: Match the pattern to the pathname itself (like ag -g pattern) Match ...
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