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Questions tagged [reptyr]

reptyr is a command-line tool to reparent a running program to a new terminal

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how to put an existing process into an interactive shell's foreground [duplicate]

Say I started a long running process with nohup. As predicted, I close the current shell session. I open a new one and then I would like to add the still running process to the foreground (or to the ...
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How to replace program running in graphical terminal with another program?

Lets say I have top or some ncurses program running in a graphical terminal, and from outside this terminal I'd like to execute a command, that would replace top with another program of my choosing. ...
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Is there a way to reptyr a make process or any process with subprocesses?

Consider the following Makefile. all: yes If I run make and suspend using Ctrl-Z, and then start screen or tmux, followed by an attempt to reptyr, I get the following error. $ reptyr 5328 [-] ...
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Is it possible to add a process to the job list in bash (e.g. to reverse "disown")?

If I disown a job in bash and change my mind, can I undo it somehow ? If so, taking it further, is it possible to bring an arbitrary process under job control (an acceptable restriction would be that ...
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Attach tmux to pty after reptyr?

I've got reptyr to "open a new pty" by doing: reptyr -L 7969 where 7969 is the PID of rabbitmq-server. The output of reptyr is Opened a new pty: /dev/pts/25 but how do I attach tmux to that pty? ...
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Screen reptyring screen

Having recently discovered reptyr, my first action was to do everything I could to break it. This included reptyring screen into a screen session as follows: $ screen My zshrc cats some stuff here. $...
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