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Questions about the dancing tree data structure used by the Reiser4 filesystem

I have asked this question on CS stack exchange. However, I want to ask it here also, maybe some Linux experts can help me out! I would be very grateful if someone can clarify a little bit about the ...
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What's the best file system for many small files?

I have a Debian 10 server with a 2TB drive where I want to store over 120 million small files. If I use ext4 I run out of inodes. What file system should I use? I've been reading about reiserfs and ...
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Strange inode count with /dev/vzfs

I am using Plesk on an Ubuntu 14.04 server and experiencing some strange problems: I checked mount: /dev/vzfs on / type reiserfs (rw,usrquota,grpquota) Then stat /dev/vzfs: stat: cannot stat ‘/dev/...
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How to relabel a reiser4 partition in Debian?

On Jessie the only tools available are: /sbin/mkreiser4 /sbin/mkfs.reiser4 /sbin/fsck.reiser4 /sbin/debugfs.reiser4 /sbin/measurefs.reiser4 No one looks like useful to rename the label without ...
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group member unable to write to a group-writable file with reiserfs and extended ACLs

Users vi and rust share group rust and want to use some file in shared manner. rust$ ls -l myfile -rw-rw-r-- 1 vi rust 0 May 30 03:48 myfile rust$ stat myfile | grep Gid Access: (0664/-rw-rw-r--) ...
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distributed file system that works well with multiple small files [closed]

Hi my use case is quite specific. I have 20 Windows 7 machines constantly creating files in my storage; around 98% of these files are 2.1 MB. On average we create 24 million files every 3 days, and ...
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How to use Reiser4 on Debian Wheezy?

Is there an easy way to use Reiser4 on Debian Wheezy? I installed reiser4progs but obviously I need a patched Kernel as well to use it. Is there some semi-officially maintained kernel to install ...
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mkreiserfs block size limit other than in man / info page?

I have tried to format a partition on an USB pendrive with mkreiserfs 3.6.21 as follows: mkreiserfs --block-size=2048 /dev/sdb1 Which resulted in Block sizes smaller than 4k are not supported. ...
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extend reiserfs filesystem size

I have a VM server with an extra disk mounted on it. I have increased size on it from VMWare. The disk uses reiserfs file system. /dev/sdb1 /data/mysql_data reiserfs rw,relatime 0 0 After ...
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1 answer

Recover a reiserfs hard disk

I'm unable to mount my 300GB external (in external enclosure) HDD's single partition. None of the fsck tools add anything, they cannot even recognize the partition. I had forgotten whether I had used ...
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Recovery of data on raid5+lvm reiserfs partition, after raid5 problems

I've got a server with 3 sata hard drives. Each has 2 partitions: one small is part of /dev/md0, a raid1 array (/boot), rest is part of a raid5 array (/dev/md1), which is an lvm physical volume. ...
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2 answers

Can I create a new partition from the free space inside my reiserfs-formatted /home partition?

Ok, I have Ubuntu installed but I want to install Windows also (dual-boot). Problem is, I don't have a free partition. I have my root partition (15 GB), and my /home partition (300 GB). The home ...
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Status of adding Reiser4 to the Linux kernel

I used the Reiser4 fs for some time and would love to see it get into the mainline kernel. I would think the project can still go forward even if Hans is not able to contribute these days. Is there ...
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