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Questions tagged [regolith]

Questions specific to the Regolith desktop environment

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3 answers

How to get stacking layout in Regolith Linux?

I just installed Regolith on top of a normal Ubuntu installation. After some conflicting advice between the on-screen help and wiki (Super+t, not Super+Backspace) I managed to toggle between vertical, ...
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1 answer

How am I supposed to edit i3xrocks in regolith

I am running the stable release of regolith-desktop 2.30-1ubuntu1~ppa1 and according to the documentation i3xrocks is customized directly in i3config. Since i3xrocks’ config (which is the same as for ...
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apt update: repository regolith-linux does not have a Release file

Good morning, I am running Raspberry Pi OS (Debian 11 bullseye) on my Raspberry Pi 400. I have the window manager i3wm installed. Here's my problem: As soon as I try to run sudo apt update the ...
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Set Regolith status to the top of the screen

I am using Regolith 2 on Ubuntu 22.04. I would like to move the status bar to the top of the screen (like in i3). This version of Regolith now uses the concept of partials for configuration, but none ...
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Regolith 1.6 (21.04) / Ubuntu 21.04 is taking too long to boot

Dual booting Regolith 1.6 and Windows 11 on separate drives (windows ssd / regolith hdd). The total boot time from GRUB to entering the password is about 1m40s which seems a little high even for a HDD....
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1 answer

Changing the preferences of Gnome-terminal globally

Is there any way to change Gnome-terminal settings, such as transparency, globally, so that I won't have to set it again and again after restarting i3-wm? I'm using Regolith Linux.
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2 answers

i3 same workspace on two displays

Can i3 (I'm using regolith actually) show the same workspace on two different displays? I use jupyter notebook for teaching and I would somehow like to solve that my students only see the "active" ...
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4 answers

Unable to change the configuration of my new Regolith Linux installation

I am a new user of Regolith Linux. I'm just using the Desktop version with a Ubuntu 18.04. I followed the instructions on the website to customize my desktop by creating a new configuration file from ...
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