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Recoll is a text search tool for Unix and Linux desktops

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Recoll fails to index python files with py filename suffix

I use recoll 1.26.3 (french version) xapian 1.4.14 with mint 20.04 My recoll doesn't index files with py as filename suffix. I have no "missing helper" I have no problem indexing .odt, ....
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How to install recoll dependencies "djvutxt" and "python3:pylzma"?

I installed recoll on my Kubuntu 20.04. Now it says that external apps and commands are missing that are required for the indexing are missing, specifically: djvutxt (image/vnd.djvu) python3:pylzma (...
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Recoll: Removing directories from Xapian db after indexing

Directories can be excluded from Recoll indexing with the parameter skippedPaths in recoll.conf. Does this remove the skipped directory data from Xapian db if the directory was indexed earlier? If it ...
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Using recollindex update for backup files

I was starting with inotify to monitor changes in my directories and launch a backup script using rclone. So I thought that, taking advantage of the fact that I'm using Recoll in my debian, I could ...
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How do I get Recoll to open a parent directory using Thunar instead of Dolphin?

When I right click on a search result and choose "Open Parent document/folder", the folder opens in Dolphin. I would prefer to use Thunar, as I run XFCE on Ubuntu 18.04.
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How can I get the recoll package to index markdown (.md) files?

From what I understand markdown is pretty similar to text and html, which are all indexed by the recoll search engine. However my markdown files with extension .md are not being indexed. I have ...
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Phrase search in recoll

I would like to know whether I could avoid Recoll searching uses of any of the words in a term and only search the exact term. For example I'm trying to search for register indirect and it gives ...
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Using relative paths in recoll

I am using recoll to index my files locally and so far it works really well. However, I'd like to have the paths be relative to the recoll.conf or recoll index directory so that I can move the files ...
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What tools can I use for PDF indexing?

In our working group we used Recoll on a Ubuntu PC to index all the PDF. For a while we moved everything to a Redhat server. Is there a Recoll alternative which doesn't requires a GUI adn support ...
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Find files with specific extension with recoll

How to make recoll program to show files with specific extension (for example, *.cpp, *.txt, etc)?
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Recover text files and directory structure from the database created by Recoll?

A while ago, I ran Recoll which created a database on a partition, so that I could quickly search among all the text information in the contents of all files (text file, pdf, djvu, html, etc) in that ...
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Find out when the recoll index was last updated

Is there a way to find out, when a recoll-index was last updated?
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