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QT Linguist tool not picking up right translation

I am trying to use Translation feature in QT. There are more than 4000 translation needed to be done for one language. And I have to do this for more than 15 different languages. So, I decide to write ...
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auto-patchelf could not satisfy dependency

I am trying to run Qt Design Studio 2.3.1 Community on NixOS. My nix derivation code: flake.nix: { description = "Qt Design Studio"; inputs = { nixpkgs.url = "github:NixOS/...
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How should I modify the Qt5 source code if I want to add back SSLv3 support in the libqt5network5 module?

I am on an Intel x86_64 CPU architecture platform running a Debian Bullseye Linux distro. On that platform runs a custom application. This application is a 32-bit software running as a systemd service ...
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Having trouble installing Qt 5.15 on Zorin OS

I am trying to install qt 5.15 on zorin os because it is needed for some program to run. I try to add qt 5.15 on my system by doing the following: Adding the repository: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:...
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Set key with value on a line in a file, if not exists between specific lines, or set specific value

Given the following configuration file: shape { visible: true type: rectangle ... } shape { type: circle visible: isRound === "true" ...
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No longer able to input circumflex or diaeresis accented characters (qt5 apps only !)

Currently running KDE-Plasma-5.23.5 (X backend)/ KDE-Frameworks-5.90.0 / QT-5.15.3 I can assert that this used to work perfectly but am unfortunately unable to assert from which version of what the ...
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Bad font antialiasing for Qt6 applications

Environment: OS: Fedora 36 DE: XFCE Font: Windows Tahoma Font config $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=XFCE Qt6-6.2.3-2.fc36 Problem: Qt6 applications seemingly do not use my fontconfig settings (which are used ...
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Integrate a younger qt version in an older yocto release

Our project is based on the meanwhile outdated yocto warrior, which was first modified by the vendor of our SoM. Then we integrated the FreeScale/NXP kernel into it because the mainline kernel did not ...
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How to add QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=qt5ct environment variable in Arch Linux?

I am using a standalone tiling window manager QTile. In QTile I want to organize my GTK and QT Themes. For GTK theme I used a program named "lzappearance" and it works perfectly fine. But, ...
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qt5 program with "-platform linuxfb" does not reset framebuffer when crashing

We have a qt5 program running under Alpine Linux v3.14 which uses a fragile legacy library which may cause the entire program to crash. Alpine Linux switches to framebuffer mode during start up. We ...
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