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Problems accessing files on a RAID1+LVM from failed QNAP

Brief context I have a QNAP TS-451. The NAS has failed, but I'm pretty sure the drives are still fine. I have a new QNAP TS-462 to try to replace it and I'd like to ensure my data is intact in the ...
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Automatically mount QNAP drive on Linux Mint

I have searched all over the Internet, and perhaps I missed the answer to this question, but I still cannot solve it yet. So far, I have successfully mounted my QNAP drive: Make a folder for the ...
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Preserve timestamp with rsync on QNAP share from PI

I have a Rasberry PI where I have mounted a QNAP share. This is how it is mounted in /etc/fstab on the PI: // /home/pi/IcloudPictures cifs username=admin,password=masked,uid=...
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Mounting LVM partition on a RAID1 disk from a bricked QNAP NAS

I have a QNAP HS-251+ NAS with two 3TB WD Red NAS Hard Drives in RAID1 configuration. I'm quite acquainted with Linux and CLI tools, but never used mdadm or LVM so, despite knowing (now) that QNAP ...
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How to mount on Linux a QNAP external drive with LUKS partition

I need help to mount an external drive used on my QNAP TS-230 (latest firmware) to backup data. I set encrypted partition (LUKS) on this drive with a passphrase. I tried to mount that partition on a ...
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Infinite loop traversing NFS-mounted filesystem (QNAP server)

I have an NFS mount that has recently developed a problem whereby the mounted filesystem can't be traversed: find /media/photos/ runs fine for a while, then degenerates into an infinite loop over ...
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Does changing an export from "no_root_squash" to "root_squash" require a remount on the client side?

Situation: a QNAP NAS is serving several directories already and I want to change the settings away from no_root_squash to root_squash. Does performing this impact anything other than user ...
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How to recover Linux install on a device with no keyboard, screen or remote login?

I had Debian Jessie on a QNAP TS-210 device, which is an arm processes (kirkland architecture). It was running fine for many years, but I needed to use something which required up to date libraries, ...
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How to recursively set directory permissions with a find that lacks -exec?

My Qnap NAS is cursed with a find command that lacks the -exec parameter, so I have to pipe to something. The shell is: GNU bash, version 3.2.57(2)-release-(arm-unknown-linux-gnueabihf) I'm trying to ...
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How to view all the list that can be viewed by update-alternatives?

Tabbing gives me ls data but i want something to be shown like x-session-manager , x-terminal-emulator and so on. How can i get list what can i set?
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how to upload files to a shared protected storage link using curl?

I want to upload files to a shared link (Qnap storage link) using cURL, how can I do this if i have just a password for the shared link , I do not have a username or an account. I have tried $ curl -u ...
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QNAP NAS internal storage size for booting Debian

I've just downloaded version 4.3.6 of QNAP QTS operating system. It seems to contain amd64 Linux kernel 4.2.8, initrd and root filesystem, glibc 2.21, Apache 2.4.37, PHP 5.6.38, no Perl, Python 2.7....
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FTP listing files (ls) with dynamic date YYYMMDD pattern

Following a previous answer I'm trying to list the files on an FTP server that match a pattern, as shown below event_date=`date +%Y%m%d` ftp -n XX.XX.XX.XX <<END_SCRIPT ls *${event_date}* ...
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dhclient is not getting an lease / ip address from dhcp - but windows gets one

How could it be that I get easily an ip address with Windows 10 network manager and not with simple Linux QNAP NAS System? And not working situation. I tried to renew the ip address manually. [...
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RAID 5 crash... trying to save what I can [closed]

I have a QNAP server with 8 disks. I have 2 backup/extra disks that are not in use. (I had the money an knew eventually the running ones would need replaced) The full array was across the 8 disks @6TB ...
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What is /dev/mapper/cachedev1?

I just got my first QNAP NAS, used to work mostly with Synology before, and I'm currently trying to figure out how the system uses LVM. Mostly out of curiosity. In my specific case, it's a 2 bay NAS ...
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How do I connect to a QNAP [closed]

BACKGROUND DETAILS: I've inhereted a QNAP TS-459U-RP. I currently have it connected to my home router via an ethernet/rj45 cable. My computer is connected to the same router. How do I access the ...
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Moving files to directories named after the first 6 digits in the file name

I've got thousands of raw photos (.nef) and relative settings (same filename but .xmp extension) in a single directory on a QNAP nas. My goal is to automate the creation of subdirs named like yyyy-mm ...
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QNAP eCryptFS Filesystem Broken Permissions

Following an issue with my QNAP device I've had to do a whole load of manual recovery of data and only getting at my encrypted data remains. It seems that QNAP use eCryptFS to do this. I've managed ...
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