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How to read a command's output while it is running?

If a command were to output, say, a progress bar that updates live, until it stops, and I wanted to constantly obtain the percentage of said progress bar and display it in a GUI such as zenity, how ...
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Pipeline progress report

Suppose I'm running a pipeline like this: cat input.txt | foo | bar | baz | last_step > result.txt Is there a way to make the shell print each step to stderr as it is executed? I know that if the ...
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estimating cp -r time

For a /data type folder that has gigabytes and thousands of files and sub folders, I will often do tar -cf data.tar data {it was a 102gb tar file} rsync -P data.tar /some_new_location cd ...
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How to wrap a process with an activity indicator?

I have a process which I'm running in a terminal session. The process prints nothing (or perhaps it prints a lot of junk which I redirect somewhere), and takes quite a while, e.g. a couple of minutes. ...
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Is there any handy way to follow multiple piped commands' status output

Let's say I have serverA with a block device, the contents of which I want to move to serverB's block device via the computer I am working on as a relay. This is very handy with pipes, buffers, dd and ...
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How to add progress status of a downloading file in bash script

I want to show (regularly update) my download/upload progress of a file on my telegram bot. I'm using aria2 for downloading and rclone for uploading. And all I'm using is bash/shell script. aria2c $...
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Progress bar "dialog" to show progress based on command execution from function [duplicate]

How to make "dialog" progress bar increasing the counter, when each echo command is executed from function? I have this code below as example, but I'm having problem of catching when command ...
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Hour glass/Progress while extracting large file from remote host in shell

I have a shell script, which is using unzip to get a very huge file from a remote directory to local directory within the shell. This operations taking pretty long time, roughly from 20-30 min. #!/bin/...
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Rsync progress waits a long time after finish

When I am running rsync to copy big file (within directory on local hard drive) + rsync -P bigfile1.img bigfile2.img bigfile1.img 6,512,705,536 100% 413.76MB/s 0:00:15 (xfr#1, to-chk=0/1) it ...
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How to show progress towards a directory reaching a certain size

I have a server to which I am copying large amounts of data using rsync and I would like to monitor progress on the server, not the client. I know, for a given source directory on the client how much ...
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Show progress of a for loop after it was started

I started a for loop in an interactive bash session. For this question we can assume the loop was something like for i in dir/*; do program "$i" done > log The command takes a lot longer than ...
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A tool for monitoring progress and ETA of an arbitrary process

I'm looking for a tool that takes two arguments: a command to execute, and a target value The tool should then run the command continuously, look for a number in the output of the command, and ...
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extracting .rar files with unrar-free and unar (need progress completion) and time stamp

I have been playing around with .rar files for sometime now. I see unrar-free and unar and both seem to have the features I need. I need something which extracts .rar archives on the CLI with ...
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How to process realtime progress of dd?

I'm trying to process the realtime progress of dd, which, with pipes awareness, should be done via: gzcat "$input" | dd bs="$block_size" count="$count" of="$output" 2>&1 | awk '/copied/ {print ...
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progress command doesn't show mv progress

I installed progress by brew install progress % progress -v progress version 0.13 And while I'm using mv command I used progress -w, but it failed with wrong permission error. progress -w No ...
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How to check progress of cp when target is a whole-device

To create a debian install stick, one copies the iso to the device: cp debian-testing-amd64-DVD-1.iso /dev/sdb per this page: according ...
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pv working with existing PID doesn't work with -s option

I would like to both use -d and -s option while calling pv. I tried as below: $ cat -n /tmp/ 1 import time 2 import threading 3 import sys 4 5 def w(): 6 ...
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Inform me when extraction of RAR archive (with unar via Thunar custom action) is finished

I created a custom action in Thunar for extracting RAR archives with unar: unar %N It works, but it doesn’t inform me when it’s done. Is it possible to show some kind of indicator (e.g., a ...
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How to grep in real time an output containing a progress bar?

I am using a tool (openocd) which is printing a lot of garbage, then a basic progress bar slowly printing simple dots, then again some garbage. I would like to filter this output with grep so only ...
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Deleting billions of files from a directory while seeing the progress as well

I have a directory of 30 TB having billions of files in it which are formally all JPEG files. I am deleting each folder of files like this: sudo rm -rf bolands-mills-mhcptz This command just runs ...
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How can I apply -v after I have already executed a command?

I'd like to watch the progress of a command that I know will take about six hours. I ran an update script and forgot to use -v (or whatever I should have done to "watch" the progress) so I have no way ...
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How to monitor dd progress with pkill?

To install an OS, the official raspberry pi site proposes to run dd bs=4M if=myiso of=/dev/sdb followed by pkill -USR1 -n -x dd In order to show the progress. Executing this last command, I do ...
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Change/edit text of whiptail gauge

I know that I can change the progress of a whiptail --gauge using something like: { for ((i = 0 ; i <= 100 ; i+=20)); do sleep 1 echo $i done } | whiptail --gauge "Please ...
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Estimate time or work left to finish for rsync?

When running rsync on a directory with lots of files and directories at multiple levels, can we estimate the amount of work or time to finish? the progress option only shows the progress of ...
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pipe speed benchmark with machine readable output

I'm looking for a tool similar to pv which is producing machine readable output. I can't believe that nobody did it before. I looked at the manpages of pv, pipemeter, dd and cpipe, but all these ...
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When I use zip, how can I display the overall progress without flooding the command line?

A fixed-length progress bar, a file or byte count, or better yet a timer showing the estimated time remaining would be ideal. zip's standard behavior seems to be to print a line for every file ...
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How to output rsync sent data in realtime using standard tools

I'm developing a small tool for some people who need to send files over to a server. I'd like to use rsync to a rsync deamon to do so. Is it possible to have rsync to output how much data it has ...
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Tar using progress bar and handling multi-volumes

I'm trying to create a tar of a large LVM volume onto multiple external drives. That part is solved. Now, because it is a LONG process, I'd like a progress bar. From the excellent articles here, I'...
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What means the labels =>, ==>, ===>, ====>, -, -- and a certain number of spaces after them in an output of the command make install?

I'm writing a script and I need to mark several blocks of its output. To unify is not bad to use the labels like the output of the command such as make install. They are at the beginning of many lines....
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How to show progress when loading initrd?

I have a complete root fs built into initrd, so it's almost 500MB. It takes a while to load to memory and during this time, the screen has no indication of the progress. I would like to know if there ...
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Compare massive directories with progress report

I just rsync-ed 2,000,000 files (3TB) from one RAID to another. I want to make sure my data is intact. rsync -c takes a really long time. diff doesn't show me what it's doing. Is there an ...
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Backup files with tar command and progress bar? [duplicate]

Can I see a progress bar or something not only ust the terminal screen output while backing up? Here is my shell script that I used backup with tar command: # !/bin/bash DATEJOUR=$(date +"%Y-%m-%...
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Weird SSH/SCP progress meter behavior

I've got a very weird SSH behavior and it's making me a bit nervous. Basically the progress meter is totally bogus: so bogus that it's nearly useless. And I fear that there may be something else going ...
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How to display the number of lines output by a command in real time?

I'm using svn export as part of a packager script for my application, and it looks like this command, like many others, doesn't have any kind of progress bar. I have two choices at the moment: using ...
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progress information via pv for directory copy

I need to copy a very large directory (talking in terabytes here) and want to monitor the progress. I found that pv is a nice utility, but how can I use it for copying directories recursively? (pv ...
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How can I move files and view the progress (e.g. with a progress bar)?

When moving large directories using mv, is there a way to view the progress (%)? The cp command on gentoo had a -g switch that showed the progress.
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