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Powerline is a statusline plugin

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How to get a shorter Path prompt in powerline10k / zsh?

everyone! In my iterm2 (with zsh, oh-my.zsh and powerline2) terminal if I go to certain directories I have a prompt like this: $ pokemon/electric/pichu/pikachu/raichu I'd like to have a shorter, but ...
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Keep powerline prompt on ssh

I have a powerline bash prompt in iterm2 on my MacOS client and I want to keep the prompt when I ssh into different servers. I regularly ssh into: a local headless vm, a server for school assignments,...
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Powerline and gdb

GDB in TUI-Mode shows strange behaviour. I'm using powerline and it seems that the font is the wrong one. Exist there a solution to have a pretty command line? How can I invoke a program not using ...
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urxvt powerline symbols

I use urxvt. So i was playing with oh-my-zsh themes and found out that some of them have "The PowerLine Symbols". (if you do not know what it is - take a look.
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tmux and Powerline: working configuration

Background I found very interesting the Powerline project. After several attempts, I managed to get it to work correctly for Vim. Then I did proceed with enabling it for tmux, by pasting the ...
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Vim powerline with broken encoding

I trying to learn using vim, I am enjoining a lot, but I copied the vimrc from github and I would like to understand what is causing the break of powerline encoding. . In the vimrc file I have: set ...
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