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Questions tagged [poppler]

Poppler is a fork of the xpdf PDF viewer developed by Derek Noonburg of Glyph and Cog, LLC. It provides PDF rendering functionality as a shared library, and uses modern components from such as fontconfig and cairo to take advantage of modern UNIX desktops.

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libfreetype6-dev : Depends: libfreetype-dev

When installing the following I get an error. What does it exactly mean and how to solve it? :) # apt-get install libopenjp2-7-dev libfreetype6-dev libfontconfig1-dev libjpeg-dev libtiff5-dev libnss3-...
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Combine PDF forms including filled-in information

I have been trying to file my taxes by filling out the individual forms, which are fillable PDFs on the IRS's website, and concatenating them using the pdfunite command: pdfunite f1040.pdf f1040s1.pdf ...
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PDFInfoNotInstalledError: Unable to get page count. Is poppler installed and in PATH?

Currently I am trying to use pdfinfo for extracting the content in the pdf files. I have installed poppler-utils in local using !sudo apt-get install -y poppler-utils and it worked, Now I am running ...
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How to change PDF version output in pdftocairo?

Command pdftocairo is an utility from poppler-utils package. It's a PDF to PNG/JPEG/PDF/PS/EPS/SVG converter using Cairo. I use this command to update a very old PDF from version 1.2 to 1.5, for ...
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How does `pdfimages` differ from `pdftoppm`?

For the purpose of processing pdf with Scan Tailor (in order to remove the background of photographed pdf pages, or to split pdf pages) given that this program needs input of images - it cannot input ...
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How to re-convert the text file produced by pdftotext to pdf again?

Poppler has the excellent tool pdftotext for converting a pdf file to a text file: pdftotext input.pdf output.txt Is there a way to re-convert this text file to pdf? By conversion, I mean to obtain a ...
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Fill PDF forms from the shell

Is there a tool to fill PDF forms non-interactively from the shell? For my use case, just setting the text for each field (in whatever order the fields are defined) and saving the PDF file would be ...
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Bad rendering of graphics in Okular at higher zoom levels

Once you have inspected the screenshots below, you will see that Okular is significantly worse at rendering my two test files than many other well-known viewers. This is unfortunate, because in ...
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Convert pdf to png, size issue

I have a pdf file created from an impress presentation. I want to convert the pdf to png images to add them to create a video using them. I am using pdftoppm to convert the pdf to png, but the ...
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X package referred to by another package, but cant find other package

I am simply trying to install pdfunite which is inside of poppler-utils; however, I can't seem to figure out how to install poppler-utils. I've tried to install it with apt get install and it just ...
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Rearrange pdf pages (swap odd pages and even pages)

I have a pdf and I am in need to replace even and odd pages. If I want to be more specific, I must replace (2n-1) page numbers with (2n) ones (1-->2, 2-->1, 3-->4, 4-->3, and the like). ...
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How to use pdfsig from poppler-utils

I would like to use pdfsig from poppler-utils in my ubuntu 16.04, at first I installed poppler utils from apt but pdfsig was not part of that package. When I looked man pages for 'pdfinfo' in the SEE ...
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Can Zathura show pdf bookmarks generated by other pdf programs?

I have pdf ebooks with extensive (nested) bookmarks that are visible in all my other pdf readers (e.g. evince, foxitreader). However, when I open said files in Zathura, running blist gives: No ...
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Command line: How do you rotate a PDF file 90 degrees?

When I scan documents that are landscape-oriented, the output PDF files are portrait and so all the PDF viewers display the scanned documents in portrait. From the command line, how do you rotate a ...
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Merge pdf files and automatically create a table of contents with each file as an entry

I have several pdf files (chapter1.pdf, chapter2.pdf, etc.), each one being a chapter of a book. I now how to merge them into a single pdf (I use the command pdfunite from poppler), but since the ...
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Flatten transparency in PDF to remove thin white lines?

I have a PDF created with Quark Xpress where some raster images are shown with thin white lines across them. Searching around I have found that the problem is due to the way PDFs readers apply partial ...
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How to run pdftotext ... | grep on many documents? [duplicate]

Code which works with a single document pdftotext *.pdf - | grep therapy You can use find as described in the thread How can I grep in PDF files? but I would like to understand why the above command ...
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PDF readers not based on poppler?

It seems that most GNU/Linux PDF readers use poppler for rendering. For testing purposes I would like not to use poppler. Are there any (recent) alternatives ? xpdf doesn't count, since I expect ...
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Is it possible to send an xpdf process a signal that causes it to reload the file being displayed?

On page change, redraw, or Reload command, xpdf will reload the file it is currently displaying. Is it possible to cause xpdf to reload the file by sending a signal? Which signal? (I am basically ...
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How to output files to another directory (Poppler - pdftotext)

I have a directory with a very large number of PDFs that I am converting to *.txt documents with Poppler pdftotext. I have the following command that does the conversion of all the files. for f in ...
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Does okular/poppler support following intra-document cross-references in PDF files?

Using docbook and Apache FOP I can create PDFs that contain cross-references. For example, the Table of Contents of a book looks like this: Chapter 1 Introduction........................12 Using ...
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