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Is there any way to force a certain CHS drive geometry in modern Linux?

I've got some really, really old IDE hard drives, like a Conner CP3024 drive which is a whopping 21 megabyte in size. I've been trying to rescue it, but there seems to be some strangeness with the ...
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Harware disk formatting under Linux

For fun, I'd like to "revive" a vintage computer, but this requires to hardware reformat a PATA disk. I found on the net the formatting utility from the vendor but it works only under Windows and I ...
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Why does ATA Secure Erase occur concurrently rather than in parallel with PATA drives?

When issuing the ATA secure erase command via hdparm against multiple SATA (non-SSD) drives it occurs in parallel. However when the same command is issued against PATA drives, it occurs ...
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How to figure out primary/secondary IDE channel via sysfs (if possible)

Though I've got quite a good basic understanding of sysfs meanwhile, there are still things I cannot solve on my own. For a starter, I'd like to figure out via sysfs (later by scripting of course) ...
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Do I need pata_atiixp or ata_generic kernel modules on a SATA only system?

I don't have any IDE drives and my only SATA hard drive is running in AHCI mode, but my initrd image loads the pata_atiixp module. Is it safe to disable this module? And what about the ata_generic one?...
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4 answers

How can I tell if my hard drive is PATA or SATA?

I have an ATA hard disk in my laptop, running Fedora 11, kernel I am looking to upgrade the disk in here (would love to get an SSD) but I forgot if it's a serial ATA or ...
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Names for ATA and SATA disks in Linux

Assume that we have two disks, one master SATA and one master ATA. How will they show up in /dev?
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