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Image drive that's formated as a single filesystem (no partitions)

I've been using Clonezilla (partimage) to image all of the drives on one of my networks. The drive in question is used as data drive for a Fedora host, and is formatted EXT2, however the filesystem ...
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PartImage: what is the cancelatio key?

PartImage is nice for partition image creation, but I can not find what is the key to cancel the operation when I made a mistake. For example: What key is that [* supposed to be? I have not been able ...
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Deploying filesystem images onto a partition of arbitrary size

I would like to establish a deployment process for Ubuntu machines based on root FS images. I would like to restore the image onto a simply-formatted hard drive (I can completely erase the disk during ...
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Mount NTFS image file created using partimage

From an old disk which I don't have at hand, I have created a file named winxp.img using partimage. As the filename suggests, the partition contained Windows XP and was formatted with NTFS. (The ...
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is it safe to backup ext4 partition with partimage , which is detected as a ext3 partition

I use partimage to backup my ext4 partition, but during backup, the partition was detected as an ext3 partition. So I'm wondering if this can cause something bad.
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