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Fastest way to count zero bytes on a partition

My root and home partitions are LUKS-encrypted. I wish to have discard/TRIM enabled on them (I'm aware of security implications). If my understanding is correct, this should result in discarded areas ...
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Why can the kernel not use SSE/AVX registers and instructions?

This post from StackOverflow has this, In some environments there there is a restriction on certain instructions or using certain registers. For example, in the Linux kernel, use of SSE/AVX or FP ...
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Do file descriptors optimise writing to files?

Is it equivalent to have commands print to a file directly, as opposed to writing to a file descriptor? Illustration Writing to file directly: for i in {1..1000}; do >>x echo "$i"; done ...
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SSD optimization

I know this has been discussed many times, but there are a lot of different opinions across the internet which optimizations are good for SSDs (and whether to use them). Also the technology has ...
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Is there an equivalent to Jason Randolph's Super Duper mode vim re-mapping for Linux?

I'm very interested in moving from my Mac to a Linux system. The main barrier is my dependence on Jason Rudolph's Keyboard. Specifically, I need an equivalent to (S)uper (D)uper Mode. Super Duper ...
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How to force a Thinkpad to draw charge from internal vs external battery?

My T450s Thinkpad has two built-in batteries--one hot-swappable and one inside the laptop. Lenovo calls the former "external" and the latter "internal". When not plugged in, the external battery ...
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How do I write a script to automatically optimize all the PNGs in my MediaWiki images directory?

I have MediaWiki 1.25.2 installed on my 64-bit Debian 8.1 VirtualBox machine and I'd like to be able to upload the images/ directory from this installation to my DropBox. Being a cheapskate I'm trying ...
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VNC rendering is all fragmented

I have my VNC server so configured, that it requires me to establish an ssh tunnel and connect to it on localhost:1 with my vncviewer. Now the connectivity seems to work fine but the rendering of the ...
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