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OpenDKIM Isn't building with OpenSSL correctly

I am trying to build OpenDKIM from source. For some reason, the build is not supporting SHA-256, even when the OpenSSL version I am building with uses SHA-256. How is this possible ? I run: ./...
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Looking for repo and package for opendkim on debian 8 (Jessie)

I know that debian 8 (Jessie) is deprecated, but I have a debian 8 server that cannot be upgraded in the near future. I'm keeping that server running, and for the most part, so far, so good. However .....
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Regex to extract DKIM record from file

I'm trying to script the deployment of a postfix server, and creating DNS records accordingly. SPF ; DMARC and DKIM. The first two are pretty simple, but i'm struggling to extract the record from the ...
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How to edit DMARC report message?

There is a mail server (postfix), which has DKIM, SPF and DMARC policies configured. All of them are PASSED, system works perfect. As an administrator, I receive these kind of letters everyday: ...
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Can't get DKIM Key

I am having an issue with not finding the public key of DKIM. I am using a local DNS (BIND), so there isn’t a problem with propagating. I just copypasted the output of given generated public key into ...
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GMail woes: Error 550 5.7.1

I have a series of Inbound email servers and virtual domains that send out email via one smtp outbound server. We do absolutely no SPAMMING or Bulkmail of any kind. outbound server is Centos 7, ...
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Properly compile OpenDKIM on Alpine

Background Hello, OpenDKIM is available on the official apk repository, but does not include important configuration flags I need such as --with-odbx and --with-sql-backend. I was able to compile it ...
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What exactly is a bogus key, and how to treat it correctly?

I am currently trying to set up opendkim mainly as a verifier and have come across the following passage in the man page for its configuration file (man opendkim.conf): BogusKey (string) Instructs ...
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OpenDkim - Eerror loading Key while opendkim-testkey outputs key OK?

The mail.err has this (I've used as a marker for my domain): Mar 24 19:08:31 FQDN opendkim[17649]: can't load key from /etc/opendkim/keys/ Permission ...
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opendkim.sock file not being created or does not exist

I'm attempting to configure opendkim on my raspberry email server that has a dovecot/postfix setup already configured. I have followed some tutorials and some forum posts to further diagnose my issue....
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Generating default DKIM keys: Cannot determine host's domain name, so skipping default key generation

I'm following this guide When I get to this section, it gives an error # opendkim-default-keygen Generating default DKIM ...
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How to add Date: header to received emails without break DKIM signatures

Some server send email without Date header, and Thunderbird doesn't recognize the date.So, I want to use following settings and add Date header. local_header_rewrite_clients = permit_inet_interfaces, ...
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Systemd unit only applies User, Group & RuntimeDirectoryMode settings on service restart

I'm using Fedora 28 x64 on a VPS. I've setup postfix as send-only mail server with OpenDKIM for signing outgoing emails. Postfix connects to OpenDKIM via unix socket setup on /run/opendkim/opendkim....
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