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How to add an exception to the "show desktop" functionnality?

I've been looking everywhere for this : I want to add an exception so that when i use "show desktop", all windows are minimized EXCEPT the notes app. Usually to show the desktop I use the &...
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Apple Notes alternative

Is there a linux based note taking app that shows an image in the note list like Apple Notes? The screenshot below is of Apple Notes. It has a list of recipes in the centre column, with an image for ...
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How to show a table of content (TOC) for a text document in KDE's Kate?

Is it possible to show a Table of Content (TOC) in Kate for text documents such as txt files or files without filetype? Maybe it's possible with some setting that I haven't found or with some plugin (...
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How to link in between text document of personal notes with tags (to jump between lines across files in a text editor like Kate)?

I'd like to have keywords in textfiles opened with the text-editor Kate that when clicked jump to a specific line marked with a keyword of another textfile, usually open in another tab in Kate. Here ...
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gnote: How to print a whole notebook

At present I'm working with Gnote. I know how to print a single note. Is there a way to print a whole notebook with several notes? Or is there a recommended notebook to achieve this? Any hint is ...
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Notetaking app that can sync between Android and Linux on wireless and NOT using any online services?

I don't mind if it needs some hacking. I am using, on Linux, elementary OS's Footnote, which I like very much. If I could use it's database file somehow in Android, that would be great. Is there a ...
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How to remove the ESC characters from Notepad++ [closed]

How to remove the ESC characters in black background from Notepad++ v6.7.3
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Is there any app that records notes with synchronized Audio?

Is there any application that it records audio and you take notes. After recording you can play the audio that was recorded when a specific text was written. There are apps that does this for other OS ...
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Where does xfce4-notes store data?

I have a lot of xfce-notes groups containing each a lot of text. I want to transfert them to a new machine without copying the whole home directory. Where does xfce4-notes store its data and ...
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Note taking app that can sync both android and Linux

I've been looking high and low for an Evernote alternative for Linux. I know I can use Everpad or Evernote in WINE but they don't work natively. Any note-taking app would be fine as long as it can ...
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Personal Drawing Board

I am a computer science major who has a lot of theoretical classes that involve a lot of math. I hate using pen and paper for scratch work because I keep on losing them so I am planning on getting a ...
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Non-KDE alternative to KNotes?

Do you know a KNotes-like program that does not require the whole KDE stuff? To anybody not knowing KNotes, this is what it does and how it looks like:
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Are there any full featured pdf readers that integrate comment function?

I'm needing reading some research papers whose formats are almost pdf.However I cannot find a good pdf reader which can make some notes while reading. Currently I use xournal however there seems not ...
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Note-taking software like "Notational Velocity" for Linux

Is there a Linux equivalent of the note-taking software Notational Velocity?
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