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differences between /usr/sbin/nologin and optional encrypted password field '*' in /etc/passwd

Just getting to know about password management on my distro I came across the /etc/passwd file. I found out that the 'optional encrypted password' field in a line for an account is based on these the ...
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disabling the direct login for super user (common super user account) and other users (not having the sudo access) need to switch as super user

We have a common superuser account ("cmn_usr") with sudo access, and separate normal user accounts ("nml_usr") without sudo access. Currently, normal users can directly log in as ...
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Why does `less` show "This account is not available" when run on a file from a root login shell?

This is not really a problem, just a peculiarity that I'd like to understand. If I get a root shell with sudo bash -l and then run less somefilename I get less only showing: This account is currently ...
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Cannot login normally after login loop

I recently had a login loop that kept sending me back to the login screen no matter how many times I entered the correct password. I decided to login accessing the terminal directly by pressing cntrl+...
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SFTP nologin user public key auth will not work

Here is the user's configuraitons cat /etc/passwd | grep sftp sftpadmin:x:1001:1001::/backups:/sbin/nologin Created directory structure mkdir -p /backups/.ssh/ touch /backups/.ssh/authorized_keys ...
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Created /etc/nologin

I added /etc/nologin and now of course I can't login as a regular user or even as root. It's a remote server which I can't physically get to. I receive the following msg when I use ssh root@server ...
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Why is `` denying access despite no existence of `/etc/nologin`?

After A lot of searching, I managed to debug a PAM configuration file, and it turns out the module was denying access to my system. Now, this is particularly strange since, according to ...
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How can I su to a user with no login shell?

Problem In Debian 10 I want to create a user who cannot log in directly. One should only be able to access the user by using the su binary. In my Ubuntu 18.04 setup, I did exactly this and it worked ...
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Why docker exec command can launch shell with nologin user?

I have a nologin user for example foo in my /etc/passwd file: foo:x:1010:1010::/home/foo:/usr/sbin/nologin After I run this docker container, then I execute the command: docker exec -it --user foo &...
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How do I switch from root user to another user who has a nologin shell?

I'm just learning linux. Working as root, I created a new user called testuser. I then changed testuser to a nologin shell. Now I want to login as the testuser to see what a user with a nologin ...
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how to run a bash that must be run with a specific user with another user without password

I have 2 users. test1 that i created it with /sbin/nologin and has no password. test2 that has sudo privilege and has passworsd. I have this script: /data/tempWork/fazitst that must be run under ...
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No login screen, unable to login on tty2 to tty6 with "Login Incorrect" error

I'm getting this problem after my computer froze while updating. I use Fedora 28 KDE. I was shown in task bar that there 171 updates, so I clicked it, as it was updating the computer froze, so I ...
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Will setting user shell to nologin prevent them from accessing SFTP?

I have a user that has their shell set to nologin, or actually a different binary "noshell" provided by cPanel. whatever the case, I want to know if setting their shell this way is enough to prevent ...
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Login through command line in Debian Stretch

Aslam O Alikum, Dear friends, I am Jawad Mansoor and I used this name while installing Debian Stretch as User Name, later when it asked me for User ID I just gave it jawad so now when I whoami it ...
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Command line login failed with two strings ID in Debian Stretch

I have Debian Stretch and my user name is two strings like "jkl mno" and I when I press Alt+Ctrl+F3 command line appears and gui disappears and I can't log in with my credentials, so I created another ...
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Usermod Nologin Script

I'm curious how someone would implement a script to give either /usr/bin/nologin or /bin/false to all non-root system accounts between 1-999 (and any determined uid range, for that matter). I like to ...
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Executing commands from a process running under a nologin user

I have a process that runs under a nologin user (in this case Tomcat server). I would like to execute some shell commands from that process but most of them are not available apart from standard ...
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Pipe data onto another machine with nologin

I have a huge directory I want to copy to another machine as a .tar.gz file. I don't have a lot of space on either machine, so I'd like to copy the file through a pipe, like this: tar -czf - ...
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