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How to preserve PNG image type (RGB or Indexed) when converting with NetPBM?

I have a PNG image processing workflow that relies on the images to be in the 24bit Truecolor format also known as RGB images. PNG permits either RGB or Indexed color representation. The pnmtopng ...
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tee pipeline and pnmtools - truncated file

This sequence of commands works OK: pngtopnm file.png 2> /dev/null > dump1 pnmfile < dump1 stdin: PPM raw, 1920 by 1080 maxval 255 ls -l dump1 -rw-r----- 1 cmb 6220817 Sep 15 14:26 dump1 ...
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Given a .gif, return the color components as X11-style hexadecimal specifiers (or equivalents)

I am a fan of potrace, and I recently read the Potrace FAQ. The FAQ includes this beautiful one-liner: cat img.gif | giftopnm | ppmcolormask #641b1b | potrace The command I am looking for would ...
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Colour problem when capturing a png of the top panel of the screen

I want to capture a window as a png from within a bash script, using the window's ID. In this case, the window is the top panel.  Using gnome-screenshot the colours are true, as per this image... (...
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