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How to add comment line for the output using for loop [closed]

Im running a code for multiple server and i want to get details from them, then create a separate file based in the serverlist and add a comment header based on the txtfile. I tried adding echo -e &...
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Connecting 2 linux devices using ethernet

I have a laptop (without working WiFi), and a computer connected wirelessly. Both devices are connected by an ethernet cable, and both run Arch Linux. On a previous install (Manjaro), both devices ...
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How to launch 3+ instances of freerdp for 3 windows VMs from single centos

I have 3 or more windows machines, those I can connect from centos individually using below command xfreerdp /u:username /p:password /v:hostname but what I want is to connect them in parallel, using ...
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How to calculate the size of data transferred between two machines in Ubuntu?

I have two computers. The first one is as a workstation. It runs the deep learning code and connects an AP by a wired connection. The second one is as a robot's computer. It sends the video and other ...
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Single Xserver running across two PCs?

I have two towers, both running linux mint. My "new" tower has four screens, the old one has the capability to run two or three more. I was wondering if it were possible to run an xserver on ...
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ssh-ing to remote machine connects me back to local machine?

I have two computers: my laptop, vagrant, and my desktop tower, frontier. My username for both is joseph. I can ssh just fine from frontier to vagrant, but I have never been able to do it the other ...
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monitor and watch multiple systems continuously

As part of my work and collaborations and universities I've attended, I have access to many machines, about 13 or so. These are all Linux machines and I could ssh using my key-pair. There are a bunch ...
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ssh via multiple hosts

To get to my machine in my office, at the moment I am doing this: me@home:~$ ssh me@unix:~$ ssh me@unix.department:~$ ssh office-machine.department....
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Managing and applying custom updates to multiple identical machines [duplicate]

I work at a library where we have just recently setup 5 kiosk's based on linuxmint. The hardware is identical. I actually used DD to make an image after I set the first one up. My Problem is, I now ...
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