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Manipulating X key and pointer grabs on the command line

What command line tools exist to list and manage X server grabs? (That's grab as in key and pointer grabs, i.e. restricting the use of a particular key or mouse button to a particular application, or ...
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Make mouse movements scroll when the middle button is held down

In Windows, I'm used to clicking the center button and it offering a "fast scroll" option up or down. How can I get this behavior on Linux? It currently seems to use the back button upon center click ...
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Command for forcing a pointer ungrab (captured mouse release)

Sometimes Firefox doesn't release the mouse after dragging, so I need to kill the application to force it to release its pointer grab. Is there any command to force an application to ungrab the ...
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How to copy and paste with a mouse with tmux

I'm using tmux and OSX. When copying and pasting from the terminal with tmux I'm able to hold down Option and select text. However I can't get the text to stay inside the pane. So when I want to copy ...
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How can I turn off "middle mouse button paste" functionality in all programs?

I don't like having the middle mouse button paste, because I often end up with uncompilable code in Eclipse. How can I turn this off (in all programs)? I'm running Fedora.
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How can I set mouse sensitivity, not just mouse acceleration?

I can't find a single desktop environment that supports setting both mouse acceleration AND mouse sensitivity. I don't want any mouse acceleration, but I want to increase the speed of my mouse. That ...
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Disable mouse (not touchpad!) in Xorg while idle

I am an avid keyboard user, but I still need the mouse every now and then. To minimize the hand travel, I have the mouse located below my keyboard. (On a side note, using the mouse this way feels ...
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How to scroll the screen using the middle click?

On Windows, most programs with large, scrollable text containers (e.g. all browsers, most word processors and IDEs) let you press the middle mouse button and then move the mouse to scroll. This ...
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Disable Keyboard & Mouse input on unix (under X)

How can one programmatically "freeze" the Keyboard & Mouse temporarily, so that no one could mess with the system? There are several possibilities where this is useful. For instance, I have a ...
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Configure extra mouse button as a second middle click under Wayland

I use a 10-button mouse (Logitech M705). Under X11, I was able to configure one of the extra buttons to behave as a second middle-click by modifying files in etc/X11/xorg.conf.d. Under Wayland, this ...
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Detect if mouse button is pressed, then invoke a script or command

Is there any way to get mouse button state from bash? Xdotool can only get mouse location. I'd like to set something up where I can define a rule where when a mouse button is pressed, a script can ...
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3 answers

Emulate horizontal scrolling with Shift key

I want to emulate horizontal scrolling when I use my (vertical) scroll wheel and pressing Shift. In some applications (Chrom{e,ium}) this already works, but I'm looking for a generic solution for X ...
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How to disable mouse support in terminal?

I'm asking this question while using xfce4-terminal, but I'm interested in a general solution: is there a way to stop a terminal emulator announcing mouse support in consoles? I need mouse-select and ...
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3 answers

Disable scroll inside Xfce terminal / Avoid scrolling through command history

Is there a way to disable scrolling through command history for the Xfce terminal? I don't wish to rely on palm rejection, I'd just like it disabled when I'm using the terminal. Specifically I'm ...
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Mouse left click stops working

On Xubuntu, for a long time I've had an issue where my Left mouse button stops working for some reason. It happens pretty much everyday. Everything else seems to work. The only way I can get my mouse ...
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monitoring events (keyboard, mouse) in X

Is it possible to display all events that are generated in Xorg? Such as keyboard pressed, mouse events...?
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tmux: Select and copy pane text with mouse

My Problem When I select text from tmux using the mouse, the block selection spans to neighbouring panes. What Have I Tried set -g mouse on Hitting option while selecting (Mac's equivalent for alt) ...
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Highlight current mouse position

I'm running a dual-screen setup and have my trackpad disabled most of the time (which includes hiding the mousepointer). When I reenable the trackpad (and display the mouse pointer again), I've lost ...
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Mouse clicks stop working after random time, using Awesome WM + Gnome

I'm using the Awesome Window Manager together with Gnome in Linux Mint. I experience the following problem several times a day: Suddenly the mouse partially stops working, which means that I'm still ...
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Linux mouse freezes after suspend

Today I finally decided to switch from Windows to Ubuntu. I fully install Ubuntu, but everytime my notebook goes in sleepmode and wakes up my mouse will not work anymore. When I do a reboot it works ...
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3 answers

bluetooth mouse disconnects

I'm using Debian Jessie (testing). I have a bluetooth mouse (Microsoft Sculpt Comfort) and I can pair it and use it ok, but after some time of inactivity (around 10 minutes) it stops working, I have ...
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Restart USB mouse driver?

Sometimes, after some event that I can't determine, my USB mouse gets stuttery - like the refresh rate drops down to about 5-10Hz. It still works fine other than that, but it's incredibly annoying, ...
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Bluetooth Mouse Lag

looking for help diagnosing bluetooth mouse lag. I'm using a Logitech MX Anywhere 2, I've had it a few years now and it's worked well on a number of Linux distros. I recently installed Debian 10 and ...
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Stop vim pasting selections as text!

I have been using VI and VIM for years (30 or more) (in xterms, not its own window, gvim) and I have a huge library of vim commands that I give vim using the mouse middle button as a selection. For ...
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Is there a way to control the mouse wheel resolution in Debian?

I am using Debian 6.0.4. The mouse wheel scrolls way to much for it to be any use. Is there any way to configure how much "scrolling" is done with with one mouse wheel turn? Update: My keyboard and ...
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2 answers

How to get mouse click position?

I know I can get the position of the mouse pointer by executing xdotool getmouselocation. What I need is program that will run and let me know the position where the mouse pointer clicks.
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2 answers

Scrolling impossible while moving mouse - Fedora 28 VM guest on Win10

I have been searching awhile before asking my question here, but still cannot find any answer. I have noticed that mouse scrolling is generally poorly handled on Linux (maybe just Gnome tho). I am ...
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tmux: enable mouse only when shift pressed

I've tried to set -g mouse on, and it works pretty well, but standard mouse behaviour (select, copy & paste) is disabled. But, it enables if I press "Shift" button, and while I hold it, I can ...
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Keyboard and mouse do not function in Debian

I powered on my laptop running Debian kernel 3.3.0. After the boot process starts the X server and KDE, my keyboard and mouse do not function. Keyboard input works when I use the Recovery Console, and ...
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Udev rules involving X11 don't run on startup

I have some udev rules written to run when I connect certain usb devices. For example, I change pointer velocity for certain mice, and change xmodmaps for particular keyboards. The scripts work well ...
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Is it possible to combine two pointer xinput devices into a single device?

I'm using VirtualBox and it comes with a "Mouse Integration" feature, which creates a 2nd pointer input called VirtualBox mouse integration aside from the existing pointer input. $ xinput ⎡ ...
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Bluetooth connection fails by connecting to the Logitech MX Master S2 mouse

I am using Linux Mint 18.2 Sonja and want to connect my new Logitech MX Master S2 mouse without using the bluetooth-dongle, but directly with the inbuilt bluetooth module of my notebook. This works so ...
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Tmux mouse-mode on does not allow to select text with mouse

I'm using tmux 2.1 and tried to on mouse mode with set -g mouse on And it works fine, I can switch across tmux window splits by clicking the appropriate window. But the downside of this is that I ...
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Can mouse wheel scrolling work in a Screen session?

Is there any way to use the mouse wheel to scroll through the output of a screen session? I can use the keypad scroll through previous output in screen after pressing ctrl+a [. Is it possible to do ...
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How to disable the Forward/Back buttons on my mouse

My mouse has an unfortunate feature. On the left side, right where my thumb sits ever so gently when I'm using it, there are two buttons that are so sensitive a mere brush will make them click. I'm ...
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How to configure the double click behavior in an X terminal?

Under different Unix/Linux systems I've observed different double click behavior in X terminal applications (e.g. xterm). Sometimes a double click selects everything left and right until the next non-...
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How to make X less sensitive when right clicking?

Whenever I right click in X, I almost always seem to trigger the first option in the menu unless I am thinking about what I am doing because I: Mouse down; menu appears Accidentally drag mouse 1-3 ...
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Highlight mouse for screencasts without disturbing workflow

For making documentation/tutorial videos, I need to highlight the mouse, for example with a yellow translucent corona around it: The marker should be active when clicking and moving, but if it's on ...
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Avoid very fast double clicks

I have a mouse with a weird problem. The left button sometimes fires a double click even if I click just one time. I would like to know if there's a way to avoid fast double clicks, ignoring clicks ...
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Any terminal shell with mouse support?

Is there any terminal shell/emulator out there that supports editing your current command with the mouse? Specifically things like placing the cursor by clicking (useful for long commands) or double ...
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Configuring mouse for right+left button simulating middle click (for copy/paste)

I was using the mouse copy-paste extensively, until recently, when some OpenSuSe upgrade reconfigured this on all my machines. Now the scrollbuton is the one to paste (which I hate, since it's hard to ...
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Why doesn't this udev rule trigger upon removal of the device?

I have two mice, one which has an issue where the middle mouse button and button6 get triggered simultaneously. So I configured my ~/.Xmodmap to disable this button. At the same time, however, I ...
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How to lock one mouse/keyboard pair to each screen?

Using the ATI Catalyst Control Center (fglrx), I setup two desktops (the multidesktop option) via dual-head. Now I have two mice and keyboards (USB) attached which, using xinput can be put in two ...
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Disable Keyboard & Mouse Temporarily

I would like to know how one can disable the keyboard & mouse temporarily in OS X.
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3 answers

How to disable a mouse movement input, while leaving mouse buttons enabled?

I have a mouse I just use for the buttons. I want to disable only the movement input of the mouse. Physically covering the sensor doesn't work.
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4 answers

Mouse scroll wheel speed far too sensitive

In my Crunchbang installation with X11, openbox, my wireless usb mouse is listed at both /dev/psaux and /dev/input/mouse0. It's working fine apart from the scroll wheel, which although active, is far ...
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How to *disable* natural scrolling?

I can't disable natural scrolling. That is, no matter whether I turn "Natural Scrolling" on or off, dragging the mouse wheel towards me scrolls up. $ gnome-shell --version GNOME Shell 3.20.4 $ cat /...
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How to disable select-on-release right mouse button in Linux [duplicate]

We are having issues with mouse behavior in Linux. In Windows: In any application, to open a context menu and select an option: right mouse button down + release move the cursor to an option left ...
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Host mouse pointer not aligned with guest mouse pointer in Qemu VNC

When I run Tiny Core Linux in a Qemu virtual machine, the guest mouse pointer is severely misaligned with the host mouse pointer. In the screenshot below, the guest mouse pointer is the one in the ...
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How to avoid mouse cursor jumping while using xinput Coordinate Transformation Matrix when application releases mouse

I've got some high sensitivity mice that I need to lower the sensitivity on. The general solution to this seems to be to set the Coordinate Transformation Matrix to something acceptable. So I use the ...
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