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more is a filter for paging through text in the terminal one screenful at a time.

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open man (or info) pages from the same position where you left off last time

I treat man pages is the primary source of documentation about installed software. I would like to use them not only as a reference, but actually read them from beginning to end. And here comes the ...
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Buffering follow + automatic pagination of output

I have a utility that continuously outputs live logs from a program. But it can be quite hard to read the logs lines as they scroll past me in the terminal. Ideally it should scroll to one full page, ...
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mkfs.xfs completely ignoring "|more" redirect

trying to install gentoo linux and can't format the drive with xfs because when I run mkfs.xfs /dev/sda3 it throws an error and then displays help, but the help is so big that it takes up the entire ...
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Issue viewing compressed file with "zless", but not with "zmore" or "gunzip -c"

On my FreeBSD 13.2 system, the zless utility cannot view text files compressed with gzip or compress, warning that they may be binary files and then showing garbage if I say I want to see the contents ...
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Reinstalling more

I messed up and rewrote /usr/bin/more with some gibberish. Is there a way to reinstall only more? Or in which package can I find the more command?
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New "more" command form feeds before every file: how to suppress?

For 35 years I've been watching the more command work like this: when specifying multiple files, and without any options, it displays a header and the file contents as follows (most easily seen for ...
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Auto page down / scrolling after a few seconds using more, less, or something similar

When using more or less, the output is paused at the end of each page. Is there some way to have it pause only for a few seconds (configurable or not), and then continue to the next page? Is there ...
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Make `less` exit after last page or `more` interpret colors

In a script, I’m doing a git diff that I want to quickly page through. When I’m finished, the pager will exit and the script will continue. more is great for the task, because I can space through it ...
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Page break characters for more/less

I am on Mac OS. I have a C++ program that generates 1000+ lines of data that I redirect to a file. I then use less / more to go through the file. I'd like to have less pause at user-defined chunks of ...
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More / file reporting "not a text file" file which contains only one letter and newline

I am confused by the output of the more program under linux. When creating a file which contains only a single letter (except for special letters like ä which work fine), more does not report the file'...
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how do I output multiple files with a heading for each one but without needing to page through them? [duplicate]

I am running a file search command with ag -g foo and I'd like to see the contents of the files I find. If I do ag -g foo | xargs more then the more command makes me press the spacebar to advance ...
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Why do cat and more wrap lines differently?

It seems that more adds line breaks, whereas cat does not. As a result cat results will change to fit the terminal window if I resize the window, whereas more results stay put with the line breaks ...
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are there side-effects to remapping/aliasing less to vim?

I added the following to .bashrc to remap less to vim alias vsi='vim -R -c ":map Q :q!<enter>" -' # Vim Standard Input [readonly] alias less='vsi' the reason is that I don't want to maintain ...
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navigating forward in more pager using f

It is given in the man page of more that f is used to skip forward k screenful of text(default to 1).I saved a very long file using cat and used more to show it on the screen page by page but when i ...
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Unable to search a string using more pager

I opened a file using the more pager,i was trying to find a string in this file using / as shown in the figure below,but it is saying that pattern not found even though the string i have searched is ...
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How to redirect output of more to a file

I would like to pipe the output of tree command to more, ignoring the first line. Then redirect the output of more command to a file. If I type tree SOME_DIRECTORY | more +2 >> OUTPUT_FILE The ...
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How do I view all syslog entries

How do I view all messages in the syslog? I am looking for messages that my program is generating that I have tagged with [pistreaming] so I can find these messages usign grep sudo more /var/log/...
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Using More or Less in this Scenario [closed]

I'm taking an Intro to Linux class in college. Our teacher wants us to show a command that can be used for this question: "Display the contents of a file with paging control that provides line-by-...
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more command displays how many lines at a time?

When we use the more command it usually print the screensize of text, so my question is the maximum number of lines a more command usually prints??? I mean by default how many lines it can accommodate ...
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How to cat file from output of other command?

If I do: perldoc -l WWW::Mechanize I get the following output: /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.16.3/WWW/ How can I, in one line, print to the screen the contents of the file given by ...
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3 answers

Display file text one page at a time, wait 20 seconds, then auto-advance

This question is for AIX 7 I have been working on a monitor which will display several pages of text. Initially the end user wanted a scrolling list for which I constructed this: IFS=''; cat plfeed ...
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2 answers

more less ...skipping... when searching

When I search a file in less or more, it will remove lines and replace them with "skipping". Does anyone know what causes this and/or how to avoid it? After I '/' search a log file using either more ...
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How to make program which will react on button pressing (such as "more" on 'q') [closed]

I' m trying to realize, how does work pg\more\less utilities. For example, cat somebigfile | more. More now in interactive mode. His fd table is: 0 (read pipe from cat) 1 (stdout) 2 (stderr) I can ...
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3 answers

Open a file with line numbers in more (AIX)

How do I open a file in more mode with line numbers. I am using ksh on AIX for less I use -N but for more it is not working. less -N filename
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2 answers

How to change pager key bindings

I'd like to swap RETURN (scroll forward N lines, default one window) and SPACE (scroll forward N lines, default 1) in less to get a for me more natural way to page through man pages. I saw years ...
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How to prevent HP-UX command "less" from messing up my prompt?

I don't like the output of more on HP-UX, so I use less instead as a pager: PAGER=less Its output is nice, but, on Linux, when I use man and then quit, I go back to the shell, and the display looks ...
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Problem with grep on multiple files and not getting desired output

I am using the below command on a file to extract few lines based on chr# ( different chromosome numbers). This is just a single file am working on. i have 8 such files and for each file I have to do ...
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When using less with -S option, it moves text on top when I press right key

I am using less as pager in MySQL, and I have configured it with -S flag, so that it does not wrap text. The only issue is that, when I have a small result set and want to see what is on the right, I ...
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more command behavior

Someone can explain me about the more command? when I use it with || or with &&, it seems to have an exist status of true, even when the file is not found(Unlike the other commands). ~/...
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Why does SPACE sometimes not work with more (or less)

Usually with |more I press space to get another screenful. But with some commands space just does nothing, and I need to actually keep doing SPACE-ENTER to scroll forward a screen at a time. Both more ...
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How can I reset the bash filename completion for "more"?

I've done something that has changed the way TAB auto-complete works, but only for the more command. Every other command lists the possible completions, but more now lists ALL of the possibilities ...
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How can I pipe colored tree result to less or more?

I get colored tree using tree -C but when I pipe it to less I get results like this: tree public/ -C | less How can I have colors in less in this case?
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less or more - which to use when? [duplicate]

less and more seem to have very similar functionality in that they both page through text a screen at a time. What reasons are there to use one over the other?
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5 answers

What are the differences between most, more and less?

I'm now using Arch Linux, and find a command most works like more and less. To understand the differences between them is a confusing problem. The question Isn't less just more? mentions the ...
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3 answers

Characters encodings supported by more, cat and less

I have a text file encoded as following according to file: ISO-8859 text, with CRLF line terminators This file contains French's text with accents. My shell is able to display accent and emacs in ...
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Making less print to stdout if an entire file can be displayed on one screen

When more is passed a file whose contents can be displayed on one screen, it just writes the file's contents to stdout without pagination. If the file cannot fit on one screen, more paginates it. ...
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Is more or find more resource intensive in finding the number of times an item lists in a file?

I recently read How to find the total number of occurrences of text and files with find command, which asked about a way to find the number of times text "abc" appears in a file. The answer there ...
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Using more command

Is there any case or reason to use "more" unix command instead of "less". As far as I see "less" is "better" in all senses, so does it mean that "more" is a command which has no reason to be used when ...
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Which systems have 'pager' shortcut/alias?

On a Debian system, one can type pager in order to use whatever pager program happens to be default/available. By default, less is used, and if not available, the lesser more gets to do the job. Is ...
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Isn't less just more?

When I do more filename and less filename, it would seem that the resulting terminals are quite similar. I can navigate and search through my files identically (j, Space, /pattern, etc.). I find it ...
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