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Apache2 not starting: AH00526: Syntax error on line 43 of /etc/modsecurity/rules/REQUEST-922-MULTIPART-ATTACK.conf

I am trying to secure my Apache2 installation on my Ubuntu 22.04 server, using OWASP rules with ModSecurity, but when I installed the v3.3.4 rules and activated modsecurity, Apache2 won't start. ...
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Install ModSecurity Rules from Trustwave SpiderLabs

I am using Nginx open-source and ModSecurity version 3.0.4. I have run "OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set (CRS)" and it has worked well. But recently I have bought the Commercial Rules from Trustwave ...
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How can install mod_evasive or mod_security with httpd24

I'm trying to install mod_evasive and mod_security vainly, with httpd24 under Cenots 6.10. I have tried this solution :, downloaded : mod_evasive24.c $...
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How to override mod_security rule variable

We have the following mod_security rule which is loaded globally on the server: SecAction "id:219000,phase:2,pass,setvar:'tx.xmlrpc_watch_period=300',setvar:'tx.xmlrpc_requests_limit=5',setvar:'tx....
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