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How many "X"'s should I use to create temporary files safely and portably with `mktemp`?

From time to time, I create temporary files from shell scripts by invoking the command mktemp with 6 or more X's in the argument TEMPLATE. However, I am unsure if that amount will work with other ...
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bash script explanation [closed]

I have below script which I am unable to understand. Can someone explain the same. #!/bin/sh skip=14 tmpdir=`/bin/mktemp -d ${TMPDIR:-/tmp}/gzexe.XXXXXXXXXX` || exit 1 prog="${tmpdir}/`echo \&...
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Redirect spawned process to tempfile with the pid in its filename

Suppose myprogram is spawned through the terminal (bash) and gets pid of 1234 (different everytime). I want to redirect, both stdout and stderr, to a tempfile named abc-$PID (if the PID is 1234, use ...
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How to design reusable script handling temporary files lifecycle for other scripts

I need to create a reusable ("utility") script handling entire set of operations with temporary files for any of my other ("application") scripts: creation tracking of temporaries ...
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Why creating files in /dev/shm is not faster than creating files in /tmp?

Let's say I have two bash files. The first one is called diskFile.bash: for i in {1..10000} do file=$(mktemp) cat > $file <<- "SIGN" "Hello World" SIGN ...
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How to safely create file in bash [duplicate]

I have a script that creates a temporary file as a flag to guard against the script being run simultaneously. Currently it uses tempfile, e.g. if ! tempfile -n /tmp/updating > /dev/null; then ...
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mkstemp failing with RHEL 8 OS non-root user

I have small script which creates a tmp files using mkstemp. My script was created using root user , but if I logged in as someother user other than root then my scripts runs but msktemp fails and ...
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Is there some interactive analogue of `mktemp` that helps to organize throw-away directories?

I often want a temporary directly where I can unpack some archive (or create a temporary project), see around some files. It is unpredictable in advance for how much time a particular directory may be ...
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How to create a temporary file that has "normal" permissions?

In a build script I want to create a temporary file that has a unique generated name, then write some data to it, and then rename that file to its final name (the reason for this procedure is that I ...
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mktemp creates file in pwd rather than in /tmp

Previously mktemp used to create files in /tmp. Today I noticed that mktemp is creating file in $PWD rather than in /tmp? Did I change something inadvertently? Any suggestions to fix this? Note: I ...
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Using mktemp in makefile

I want to create a temporary file and pipe some text into it using a makefile. In bash, I can create a temp file and pipe text into it like so: temp_file=$(mktemp) echo "text goes into file" ...
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Why is there no mktemp command in POSIX?

One of the most common things shell scripts need to do is to create and manipulate temporary files. Doing so safely is a pain, since you need to avoid name clashes, avoid race conditions, make sure ...
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mktemp on macOS not honouring $TMPDIR

I've noticed this before, but it was brought up again as I was answering "How to move directory into a directory with the same name?": The mktemp utility on macOS does not behave the same as the ...
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Why is mktemp -u considered "unsafe"?

I read the --help text for mktemp recently (the man page wasn't available) and came upon this: -u, --dry-run do not create anything; merely print a name (unsafe) Why is this "unsafe"? Is ...
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Deleting temporary direction via trap

I have a script which looks like this: #!/bin/bash set -e tmpdir=$(mktemp -d) pushd $tmpdir trap 'popd && rm -rf $tmpdir' EXIT # Business logic which may succeed or fail... /bin/false ...
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Is there a programmatical difference between directories created with mktemp -d or mkdir?

I try to understand Stephen Kitt's answer to this question where he created a temporary directory with the following code: #!/bin/bash scripttmp=$(mktemp -d) # Create a temporary directory (these ...
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Is it OK to overwrite a file created by mktemp?

I'd like to copy a file to a temporary location. I'd like to make sure I'm not overwriting anything important, and that I know the location of the file while the script is running. #!/bin/bash ...
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Can a script unmount the volume containing itself?

I have a computer with a hard drive mounted read-only. I am running a script from a flash drive. I would like the script to be able to unmount the flash drive, but this can't be performed as the ...
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`mktemp -d` followed by `pushd` works fine on command line, but not when in a script

If I paste these lines into a command prompt on Debian... DIR=$(mktemp -d -t bbbrtc.XXXXXX) || exit 1 echo "tmpdir = $DIR" cd "$DIR" They make a new temp directory, print the directory name, and ...
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Improving mktemp

I am wondering how to best improve on mktemp for use with encrypted containers or file systems. The issue that I am dealing with is that I would like my shell scripts to store temporary files inside ...
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How to create multiple files/directories with randomized names?

I'm trying to create some files that has different names and with different extensions. Let say I want to create for example 3 files with following name and extension: File001.000 File002.001 File003....
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