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How to write something to named pipe even if there are no readers

I have this little test script: rm fooo | cat mkfifo fooo echo 'bar' > fooo # blocks here echo 'done' I am guessing that because there is nobody reading from the named pipe, that the write call ...
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How to pipe all output streams to another process?

Take the following Bash script echo A >&1 echo B >&2 echo C >&3 Of course when ran as . it gets the error 3: Bad file descriptor, because ...
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Using tee and paste results in a deadlock

I am trying to redirect stdout of a command into two "branches" using tee for separate processing. Finally I need to merge results of both "branches" using paste. I came up with the following code for ...
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Unable to redirect stdout for background terraform process after it received input from named pipe

I have a terraform file: terraform { required_version = "1.3.5" } locals { a = "foo" b = "bar" } in a bash terminal, I can do: $ echo "local.a" | ...
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Where should I place named pipe files on RHEL7?

I done some quicky web searches to find out how to make a named pipe. It looks very straight forward I just need to execute as root: mkfifo filename, but what the best practice on where on the ...
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Strange incongruent output for both nc and fifo

I have this exact code: #!/bin/bash gtimeout(){ if type -f gtimeout &> /dev/null; then command gtimeout "$@" else timeout "$@" fi } export -f gtimeout; ...
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Not able to give input to my telnet connection through fifo file if I run it from script

I have a python script which is sending commands to a fifo file through this command. printf "command" > my1.fifo An another process (telnet login) is taking input from this my1.fifo ...
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Adding 'Progress bar / counter' to a parallelised For Loop

I've been greatly inspired by this question: Parallelize a Bash FOR Loop to parallelise some tools I've written that involve very loooong while read loops (ie doing the same task / set of tasks ...
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