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Questions tagged [microsoft-word]

Interacting with Word, the word processor from the Microsoft Office suite. In particular, manipulating Word .doc and .docx files.

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0 answers

How do I make Playonlinux convince MS Office I'm running win 10 or higher?

Okay, so I recently installed linux Mint and I'm trying to install Microsoft Office 2016. I try the solution witn Play on Linux. First I ran into some problems (PoL couldn't finish the download) but I ...
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1 answer

One drive and Office 365 under Linux Mint

i am working on a Linux Mint 20.3 Una. I have just changed to Linux due to problems while doing C++ stuff. A nice to have would be One Drive or the Office Products. Libre is fine, but since i am a ...
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10 votes
3 answers

How to replace a word inside a .DOCX file using Linux command line?

I want to change a word in a .docx file using a shell command. I tried using the sed command, but it is not working. Does anyone know a solution for this? For example, I want to change a word (e.g. ...
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Wine cannot simulate a system reboot after Microsoft Office configuration

I managed to install Microsoft's Office 2010 (32 bit) with WINE in Linux Mint 18 (Xfce, 32-bit) on an ASUS eeePC. So I tried to open freshly installed MS Office Word in Wine. It tried to configure ...
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2 answers

Edit .docx files with Emacs?

I'm starting with Emacs, and testing around I wondered if I could edit my own .docx file from there, just to explore its features and that stuff. But my surprise is huge when, having the text ...
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How to convert all odt files in a folder into microsoft word files ?

I have a folder with a lot of odt files from LibreOffice, I could open each one by hand and save it as a microsoft word file, but that would take a long time, is it possible to reach this goal using ...
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Which format in office libre writer to choose in order to omit problems when opening in word on windows ?

I have written a document in Libre Office Writer, it is crucial to me to keep the documents format. Now I am clueless in which format to save it, since there is a plethora of options, even different ...
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2 votes
1 answer

XML Microsoft Word Document

I have a .xml file generated by someone with MS Word and I cannot manage to open it with LibreOffice or other app or change its format. I tried to save a LibreOffice document as "Word 2003 xml" and ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Converting .docx files to plain text and preserving line breaks to maintain line number references to source document: howto & implications?

I'm exporting MS Word content to plain text for use with text&file utilities. I have a constraint where the line numbering feature has been enabled in the MS software, and any reference to line ...
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25 votes
2 answers

Convert a .docx to a .pdf with pandoc

I am trying to convert a .docx received by mail to a correct pdf by using pandoc (I am using GNU/Linux). I have an error concerning characters encoding : $ pandoc file.docx -o file.pdf pandoc: ...
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Viewing .doc and .docx documents with MathType equations on Linux

Is there a way to view .doc and .docx documents with embedded MathType equations on Linux? When I try to open them with LibreOffice, I get blank boxes where the math is supposed to be - the same ...
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20 votes
6 answers

Command-line tool to search docx files

Is there a command-line tool to text-search a docx file? I tried grep, but it doesn't work with docx even though it works fine with txt and xml files. I could convert the docx to txt first, but I'd ...
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