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This tag is for questions relating to maximizing application windows.

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Window Manager: Add the maximize option to any window (even if the UI disabled the option)

Some graphical programs make use of a window which the user can scale unlimitedly but still disable the maximize option (for whichever dumb reason). [EDIT]: The window might be a subwindow of another ...
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Maximised application windows incorrectly positioned after unlocking when using Dash to panel

I'm using Fedora 37 with gnome 43.2. I prefer a windows style workflow, with a bottom task bar, start menu etc. To achieve this, I've installed the gnome extension "Dash to panel", which ...
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print all max values in text file using awk

I'm trying to print out all the max values in one column So the input looks like this John. Marketing. 5000. Marcus. Manager. 9500. Jason. SW 9500. Cindy. ...
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How to stop Firefox windows from maximizing too much?

I am running Debian on an older system, and so am using MWM, as it is lightweight. I am running Xorg at 1080x720 resolution. I'm not using multiple desktops. When I click "Maximize" on most ...
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How to get my terminal to open NeoVim with maximised window size using Openbox rc.xml key bindings?

I am using Openbox 3.6.1 windowing with Arch 5.6.4, and NeoVim 0.4.3, with gnome-terminal 3.36.1. These are the most up to date versions. I am currently sizing my gnome-terminal window using these ...
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How to maximize window top/bottom half screen in Gnome?

Does somebody knows how to maximize a window to the half top or half bottom of a screen in gnome? I have found only how to do it left/right, but not top/bottom. Any ideas?
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How to start the Xfce Terminal always maximized in Xfce?

I'd like to start the Xfce Terminal in Xfce always maximized. (Usually, I do that through the launcher in the panel.) I've already done that for Emacs by means of X resources; however, xfce4-terminal ...
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Maximizing a window (Keepassx2) from command line

I'm using i3wm and Keepassx2 on an Arch-Linux installation. I configured i3 to automatically move a window with the window class "Keepassx2" to a certain workspace $WSKP. I also configured $mod+P to ...
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Script to maximize an app when it starts

I am aware that this question is duplicated: How to set window size and location of an application on screen via command line? Resizing a maximized window from the command line I was able to solve my ...
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