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WiFi has disappeared on Lubuntu 20.04.6

I have been running Lubuntu on my old late 2008 Macbook successfully for a couple of years. This week, the WiFi has suddenly stopped working. Running lshw, lsusb and lspci shows no sign of the WiFi ...
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Listing on board/integrated devices on Linux - for instance, on board keyboard

Relevant to laptops only - I am trying to list all on-board (integrated) devices on laptops - such as on board keyboard, mouse touchpad, video card, etc shipped with the machine. What is the best ...
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Trying to figure out which NVME has failed from ssh

I have used mdadm, lspci -vvv, and lshw -c disk -c storage and I can seem to find the physical addresses of all my NVMEs as well as the logical addresses on the system (minus the missing drive), but I ...
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How to find out how many RAM slot?

I have to extend my RAM memory, Because I need to use Android Studio. I need to find out how many RAM slot via lshw command or greping /proc contents.I don't want to open my laptop. How can I find out?...
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Do "lspci" and "lshw" commands always show graphics driver?

I recently acquired an older motherboard with SiS built-in graphics and installed Xubuntu on it. I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could figure out how to install a graphics driver for SiS. ...
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Is there a way to mix these memory modules?

I'm trying to mix two 4Gb DDR3 modules from G.Skill with another two 4Gb DDR3 from a generic Chinese brand called Ankowall. The BIOS detects all modules and automatically clocks them at 1333MHz but ...
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Can I determine exactly which Atheros wireless network adapter I have?

I have a "Qualcomm Atheros AR93xx Wireless Network Adapter" installed. But - I need to determine exactly what the model is, i.e. what numbers replace those x's. Unfortunately, I'm not near the ...
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How to check status of hardware components in Linux?

I know commands like lshw and dmidecode, but all they do is list the detected hardware attributes, right? I can get all the information I want about the hardware in my computer. But I would also like ...
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What is the difference between size and capacity in lshw?

I just came across an odd thing while looking at my disks with lshw. I have a 4 TB and a 6 TB disk. lshw shows the expected 6 TB for size but nearly 8 TB for capacity. The 4 TB disk has the same ...
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static build of lshw

I m trying to build lshw "lshw-B.02.18.tar.gz" in static way but its throwing below error.Is anything missing from my side. command to build: make static Let me know any other info required Kindly ...
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Is lshw correct that this hard drive is SCSI not IDE?

I have a hard drive (model: ST9100822A), which I think is IDE, because of the look of its interface pins, and accordingly the instruction of my SATA/IDE-USB adapter. But lshw shows it as a SCSI disk ...
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