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lshw lists nvme storage devices as disk but not as storage

I tried submitting this to the lshw github bug tracker but the captcha refuses through several submissions I'm sure were correct. Perhaps there is ...
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Two identical network cards, one unclaimed

I got two identical network cards in my server that I run Proxmox VE on. One of them is unclaimed, the other one is running fine. Can anyone help with this? I understand that unclaimed usually is a ...
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Linux: Several Devices became UNCLAIMED after reboot

I've been running Ubuntu 22.04 since it came out. The last reboot prior to the problem was 42 days with no issue. During that period I took all the updates that apt offered including kernel and ...
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WiFi has disappeared on Lubuntu 20.04.6

I have been running Lubuntu on my old late 2008 Macbook successfully for a couple of years. This week, the WiFi has suddenly stopped working. Running lshw, lsusb and lspci shows no sign of the WiFi ...
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Listing on board/integrated devices on Linux - for instance, on board keyboard

Relevant to laptops only - I am trying to list all on-board (integrated) devices on laptops - such as on board keyboard, mouse touchpad, video card, etc shipped with the machine. What is the best ...
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Trying to figure out which NVME has failed from ssh

I have used mdadm, lspci -vvv, and lshw -c disk -c storage and I can seem to find the physical addresses of all my NVMEs as well as the logical addresses on the system (minus the missing drive), but I ...
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2 votes
0 answers

How to find out how many RAM slot?

I have to extend my RAM memory, Because I need to use Android Studio. I need to find out how many RAM slot via lshw command or greping /proc contents.I don't want to open my laptop. How can I find out?...
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Do "lspci" and "lshw" commands always show graphics driver?

I recently acquired an older motherboard with SiS built-in graphics and installed Xubuntu on it. I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could figure out how to install a graphics driver for SiS. ...
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Is there a way to mix these memory modules?

I'm trying to mix two 4Gb DDR3 modules from G.Skill with another two 4Gb DDR3 from a generic Chinese brand called Ankowall. The BIOS detects all modules and automatically clocks them at 1333MHz but ...
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Can I determine exactly which Atheros wireless network adapter I have?

I have a "Qualcomm Atheros AR93xx Wireless Network Adapter" installed. But - I need to determine exactly what the model is, i.e. what numbers replace those x's. Unfortunately, I'm not near the ...
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How to check status of hardware components in Linux?

I know commands like lshw and dmidecode, but all they do is list the detected hardware attributes, right? I can get all the information I want about the hardware in my computer. But I would also like ...
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4 votes
0 answers

What is the difference between size and capacity in lshw?

I just came across an odd thing while looking at my disks with lshw. I have a 4 TB and a 6 TB disk. lshw shows the expected 6 TB for size but nearly 8 TB for capacity. The 4 TB disk has the same ...
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Is lshw correct that this hard drive is SCSI not IDE?

I have a hard drive (model: ST9100822A), which I think is IDE, because of the look of its interface pins, and accordingly the instruction of my SATA/IDE-USB adapter. But lshw shows it as a SCSI disk ...
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