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These questions are about Linux in general – NOT specific to a particular distribution.  If the question just happens to be in a Linux environment, please specify your Linux distribution in the body of your question, but do NOT use the “linux” tag.

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3 answers

RAID 1 in linux

I'd like to setup RAID 1 with two drives in linux. I don't have a hardware RAID controller and don't want to buy one, so what is the best software RAID option for linux? Note: If it makes a ...
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How can I setup Apache on Linux to stream WMV-HD to Xbox 360?

What I am looking for is a free and open source solution. If the distro I use matters, it is Open SUSE. VLC supports only WMV1&2.
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35 votes
8 answers

Stop program running at startup in Linux

How do I stop a program running at startup in Linux. I want to remove some apps from startup to allow them to be managed by supervisord e.g apache2
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12 answers

How can I tweak my Linux desktop to be more responsive?

I have the experience that Linux works fine until the physical memory is exhausted. As soon as swap space is used the performance is severely degraded and the GUI becomes unresponsive. This problem ...
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What's the best way to partition your drive?

I usually install Linux on a single partition since I only use it as a personal desktop. However, every now and then I reinstall the box. And what I do is to simply move my files around with an ...
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On Linux, is there an rc.local equivalent for shutdown?

I've got a few commands that I run in rc.local so they are run last in the startup sequence. I would like to know if there is a similar facility for undoing the results of those commands at shutdown, ...
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How can I use DD to migrate data from an old drive to a new drive?

I am upgrading the internal SATA hard drive on my laptop from a 40G drive to a 160G drive. I have a Linux/Ubuntu desktop which has a SATA card. I would actually like to do the same thing for a couple ...
16 votes
6 answers

Which cell phones run on the Linux kernel?

I know of the FreeRunner, but are there any other Linux cell phones out there? Are they any good?
11 votes
4 answers

What makes a portable mp3 player work well with Linux?

I'm in the market for a new portable mp3-player, and will be connecting it mostly to a Linux box, but occasionally to a Windows Vista machine as well. I'm wondering what qualities I should be looking ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Sync Palm Centro pictures on Linux

I have a Palm Centro, and I'd like to copy the pictures to my computer. However, I'm using Ubuntu, and I don't want to switch to Windows or use Palm's horrible sync application (through Wine.) Is ...
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10 votes
6 answers

DNS queries not using nscd for caching

I'm trying to use nscd (Nameservices Cache Daemon) to cache DNS locally so I can stop using Bind to do it. I've gotten it started and ntpd seems to attempt to use it. But everything else for hosts ...
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1 answer

Default username for Samba share that is not the user name on the client system

When mounting a Samba share the user name is defaulting to the user name from the client machine rather than the "User Name" field from the earlier "Connect to Server" dialogue. Accessing a Samba ...
9 votes
3 answers

Font getting reset in virtual console on GNU/Linux

I have set a custom font on my virtual console (vt1) using the following command: shell> setfont ter-114f If I switch to X (using Ctrl+Alt+F7) and come back to the virtual console (using Ctrl+Alt+...
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7 votes
5 answers

Why does locale es_MX work but not es?

Wikipedia entry for GNU gettext shows an example where the locale is just the lanuage, "fr". Whereas the 'i18n gettext() “hello world” example' in SO has the locale value with both the language and ...
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21 answers

Determine the size of a block device

How can I find out the size of a block device, such as /dev/sda? Running ls -l gives no useful information.
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In VMS one may tell the file system to write junk over the existing contents of a file when it is deleted. Here is the DCL command to identify the file for this kind of treatment: $ SET FILE/...
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2 answers

Is it possible to simulate installation of Debian packages, and still marking them as installed?

Here's what I would like: Start with a virtual system, with no installed packages. Then I invoke a tool, similar to apt-get to ask it to compute the dependencies and mark all the packages that ...
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How should I configure grub for booting linux kernel from a USB hard drive?

I have a laptop hard drive in an external enclosure which I use as a large pendrive. For an added twist, I have installed Linux on it, so I can boot any machine with my distribution of choice (e.g. ...
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