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can't install gmdb2 using macports on Sonoma

I can't install gmdb2 using MacPorts on Sonoma 14.4.1 I try aladino@pc-23 ~ % sudo port install gmdb2 but I get ---> Computing dependencies for gmdb2 The following dependencies will be ...
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libtool (arm): error: only absolute run-paths are allowed

I am cross-compiling SSSD for ARM architecture.  When I run make, I obtain the following error: arm-xilinx-linux-gnueabi-libtool: error: only absolute run-paths are allowed I configure it as ...
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How do I make libtool honour installation prefix?

I'm trying to build and install the PDF viewer Atril from source in the directory $HOME/.local on a computer running Debian 10. I have issued the commands cd "$HOME/.local/src" apt source ...
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What is architecture specific about libtool?

Fedora packages libtool as 64-bits: # rpm -qi libtool |grep ^Arch Architecture: x86_64 However, a superficial look at the package contents doesn’t show any obvious arch specific binaries: # rpm -ql ...
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Libtool searches wrong directory while path specified

I need help with installing a software. In general: I try to install PostGIS on a cluster (CentOS) and do not have admin rights. There is a sqlite3 installation (connected to the error), but this ...
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libtool error cd: ../..: Not a directory

Getting this very bizarre error from libtool when trying to install a package I built. It happens when running in a subdirectory (src/api) of the source tree: make[5]: Leaving directory '/users/...
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How are shared libraries really versioned on Linux?

I am getting so much conflicting information about this, both on SE and other tutorials. Most people seem to think the so version is a semantic version. Then others correct them saying it must conform ...
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