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Remove duplicates in file (without sorting!) leaving the _last_ of the occurences

Following, I added clean_history() { awk '!a[$0]++' $HOME/.bash_history > $HOME/.bash_history.tmp && mv $HOME/....
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LaTex editor Kile does not work on Plasma 6

After upgrade to Plasma 6 Kile does not open as it does not find the Okular library anymore. The problem is that Kile has not been updated to use Plasma 6 yet and it still requires a bunch of Plasma 5 ...
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How to configure inverse and forward search in Kile (LaTeX editor)

That is it. There is not much to that question. Inverse and forward search is basically to be able to do some kind of Ctrl+Click in a line of the *.tex file, and automatically be sent to the PDF ...
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How can I delete marks in Kile/Kate in vim-mode?

When setting marks in Kile’s/Kate’s vim-mode via m. the line will be highlighted. This can be annoying and the attempt to remove the mark via :delmarks fails with unknown command: “delmarks”. Is it ...
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Trying to run Kile gives a segmentation fault on Linux Mint 19

With the latest version of Kile installed, trying to run it crashes with a segmentation fault: $ kile qt5ct: using qt5ct plugin Invalid Context= "Apps" line for icon theme: "/usr/share/icons/Mint-Y/...
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Installing CoGrOO on Kile

Does anyone know if it is possible to install/include CoGrOO on Kile? CoGroo:
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How to install Kile on Debian KDE 7.3 32 bit?

For the past week or so, I'm trying to install Kile in Debian 7.3 kde desktop after installing TexLive 2013 from a CTAN mirror (downloading the installer in a home directory, decompressing it in ...
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Kile freezes running pdflatex

When I run kile I get the message: QStatusBar::insertWidget: Index out of range (4), appending widget and I am not able to compile from Kile. While I press pdfLatex inside Kile, it freezes. What ...
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How to change background color of side pane of Kate and Kile?

I am trying to customize the color scheme of Kile/Kate. I could do it, except I could not find any way to change the color of the side pane such as files, etc. I prefer dark background, and having ...
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