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Questions tagged [kdevelop]

KDevelop is an integrated development environment (IDE) for the KDE desktop.

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1 answer

How to set color scheme (text highlight) in KDevelop 5.6+

I used to have a color scheme for my KDE applications (previously used in KDevelop 5.3, KWrite and Kate). It is saved as *.katescheme . . But after upgrading to 5.6, it does not seems to have this ...
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1 vote
0 answers

No input promp in kdevelop python

I'm a beginner in python using Kdev on Linux. I tried to execute this code: nm= input('Enter your name:') print('Welcome', nm) Normally it should prompt something asking me the name and so on but ...
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1 answer

KDE Plasma or KWin: configuration file damaged - how to reset?

(see update below) Using KDevelop 5.6.0 under Fedora with Plasma desktop. I pressed a wrong keyboard shortcut with Ctrl+Shift instead of Ctrl+Alt (or vice versa) and this "damaged" the ...
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KDE Plasma wallpaper doesn't work

I use Manjaro Linux (Arch) with KDE. I want run "Simple Plasma Wallpaper with QML extension" in kdevelop, but that doesn't work. In README is written: "cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX = MYPREFIX .. (...
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4 votes
1 answer

KDevelop 5.x documentation for Find-Replace in Files

I'm trying to search and replace in files using regular expressions by using the "Find-Replace In Files" dialog of KDevelop 5.x. Where can I find the documentation for this? The user interface for ...
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Why does the context menu take forever to open in Kdevelop?

I'm running Kdevelop 4.6.0 on Linux Mint 17.3, Mate. I've tried other version of Kdevelop but they have the same issue. When you right click in Kdevelop to open a context menu, I can literally count ...
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Problem Changing KDevelop Color Scheme

While trying to customize my color scheme in KDevelop, even after setting all the standard colors, as well as setting all colors for the modes I use, it keeps using a bunch of colors in the schema I ...
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1 answer

gdb displays not all variables in KDevelop [closed]

Hoping, the image describes the issue much better than I can do. Generally, I'm debugging a multithreaded application in KDevelop with gdb. I'm debugging the app step by step (F11 shortcut) and have ...
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Opening old KDevelop files

I have some older KDevelop projects that I am trying to recompile. The problem is that KDevelop4+ will not open .kdevelop files. Only .kdevelop4 files are listed when I select open project. Is ...
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