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set XMPP priority of the jabber client in pidgin

I'm using pidgin Jabber client (pidgin-2.13.0-alt6 on ALT Sisyphus), and I'd like to set XMPP priority in pidgin. The reason: I'm also connecting to my Jabber account with another client from mobile ...
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Any way to "forward" an IM from jabberd2 to users on Cisco XMPP?

I use a jabberd2 MUC to monitor server status from Graylog and Nagios. The helpdesk guys would like to be able to join the MUC, however they are on Windows (I'm on Linux) and have a Cisco jabber ...
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How to create google hangout group with mcabber?

How can I create (or just join) a google hangout group using mcabber? mcabber does support MUC (Multi-User Chat) so it should be possible. I have it working on a non-google based XMPP server.
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Jabber Psi+ message history

There's openfire-4.0.2 IM sender connected to Samba AD server. As a jabber client Psi+ v0.16.330 is used. When User1 sends message to User2 this outgoing message doesn't written to User's1 message ...
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xchat: connecting to one account from two clients

I am using xchat IRC client in Debian. I have two computers, one in my office and another at home. I would like to be connected to my IRC server from both computers using the same account. People who ...
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Debian Wheezy, ejabberd and forward secrecy

After validating of my public XMPP service on, I've got the error: Warning: Server offers no forward-secret ciphers. Grade capped to A-. Is there an easy way to enable these ciphers? As ...
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Which jabber client receives messages?

I have jabber clients on my computer (pidgin) and on mobile phones (im+). For now each message is received by arbitrary one of them (or so it looks). For instance, if a person sends two messages one ...
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