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Intelligent Platform Management Interface is a mechanism to manage and monitor computer hardware from the OS running on that hardware, or remotely over the network. It is implemented by a separate controller on the motherboard, called the Baseband Management Controller, which may have a dedicated NIC or use one of the system’s existing NICs. This tag should be used for questions related to IPMI hardware and software.

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Is it possible to configure the ip address of a CMC (chassie management controller) on one of the nodes

Each one of my servers uses a CMC to partition and manage the resources to the various nodes on the server. The CMC also manages sensor readings, like temperature etc. The problem is that the CMC has ...
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IPMI-config cannot set SOL (serial over LAN) baudrate

I have a MSI MS-S0121 Mainboard with an AST2150 BMC controller with IPMI 2.0. I'm using ipmiconsole from freeipmi and serial-over-lan (SOL) to access the BIOS. The default baudrate of 19200 is quite ...
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fancontrol(1) and ipmi

My server supports IPMI, so I can run a script like this: fanspeed() { # 0 C => 10, 55 C => 10, 65 C => 100 sensors -j | jq '[.[]["temp1"]["temp1_input"]] |...
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How do I tell the linux kernel that I don't have IPMI?

I'm trying to clean up known or bogus error messages that shows up in the log when I boot my Debian server, in order to more clearly see actual errors. Now it's come to this: Base address is zero, ...
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