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Centos is killing share server

I have a centos 7 based webserver that must access (and display) pdf files from windows share server. Problem is that its killing webserwer even when webacess is idle (apache stoped). I have figured ...
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PostgreSQL: indexes and partitions

I have a PostgreSQL database and I noticed a weird behaviour while working with indexes and partitions. The engine version is 10.21. Now, I have a table with this structure: guid varchar(50) PK guid_a ...
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Subtract with previous index where index is not a number using awk

i would like to subtract values from previous values but a condition must be satisfied. File: 2022-02-01 01:00:00|abc|2001|5 2022-02-01 01:00:00|abc|2002|10 2022-02-01 01:01:00|abc|2001|6 2022-02-01 ...
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Awk substr index 0

I just discovered that substr() in awk accepts either 0 or 1 as the initial index in a string. I tested this in Gawk 5.1.0 and MacOS awk 20070501. awk 'BEGIN {print substr("abcd", 0, 1)}' ...
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Indexing files' metadata

Is there a tool that allows to index (search) files based on their metadata on linux? I've search a bit and found (here) that there are several tools that allow file indexing on linux: Recoll mlocate ...
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Is it possible to integrate pdfgrep into nemo search?

I often find myself looking for PDF documents. Luckily, I found pdfgrep that really does a great job at finding PDF documents by content. Following command lets me search for documents that have my ...
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Exclude directories for du command / Index all files in a directory

My goal is rather simple: I want to create a small database of all files/directories within a big directory. After looking for a tool suited I couldn't find anything but the good ol' du. I figured out ...
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Print only files, directories containing files and empty directories

I am trying to index some LTO tapes (and some hard disks as well) and would like a simple output, stored in a text file. Something like the example below: ... /home/norg/Desktop/empty\ dir/ /home/norg/...
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bash array of arrays

Trying to write some nested loop, and I'm not getting how to write it. Perhaps I'm looking in a wrong direction but what I'm trying to write is: declare -a bar=("alpha" "bravo" "charlie") declare -a ...
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for loop with indices [duplicate]

Let's suppose I have the following loop: for i in {1..3} do mkdir $i done Since I have many other loops in the main code and I am going to change regularly the size of the sequence, I would like ...
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Read Text List into Dynamic array?

Trying to automate some work stuff and this includes many folder generations but and I was thinking of using a dynamic array to do this, let me know how this sounds. First Part of my Script is to ...
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Does sort --unique -k drop duplicates in original order?

I'm doing a unique sort on a concatenated set of index files where the first column will sometimes change between each index and the second column will be a key value (actually hex addresses). Each ...
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/usr/lib/tracker/tracker-store causes very heavy CPU load on Debian "Buster"

After the last upgrade on: Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux buster/sid Kernel: Linux 4.18.0-2-686-pae Architecture: x86 /usr/lib/tracker/tracker-store eats a huge load of CPU. ...
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Index and search a directory

I have a directory tree containing many text-files. I would like to index the full-text of all these files (ignoring files with certain file-extensions), so that I can quickly search thorugh all of ...
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Is it possible to fake a SMB network mounted folder as a native folder?

I have an HDD hooked up to a linux TV receiver (Vu Solo) with a lot of movies in one folder. This device and my (Synology) NAS are in the same local network. The NAS contains a media indexing service ...
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Easy-RSA index.txt, serial and duplicates

We have more than 700 certs, generated for OpenVPN usage by Easy-RSA 2. I don't know how this happened (suspecting deleting one time by somebody index.txt, serial or both), but more than half of the ...
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Principles of file indexing in Linux [closed]

I have read a lot about indexing in Mysql and I know that Linux has a great utility locate to find files. Maybe Linux has the same principle to do indexing as Mysql have provided. But I think the ...
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execute command on a defined range of directories

Is it possible to 'partition' a directory listing - say in to blocks of some number, to perform different actions on each 'range'? For example, lets say I have the following directories inside ...
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How can I get the recoll package to index markdown (.md) files?

From what I understand markdown is pretty similar to text and html, which are all indexed by the recoll search engine. However my markdown files with extension .md are not being indexed. I have ...
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Bash substring expansion of array with some unset element

I just discovered a weird behavior when indexing into bash arrays with unset elements. I make an array with these three elements: $ arry[3]=a $ arry[4]=b $ arry[5]=c The array appears to be right: $...
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How does Ubuntu's indexation work on a virtual machine?

I have read on the following sentence: Thankfully my computer indexes all my files every night while I sleep and I can search just the index, which ...
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Some index files failed to download - Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon

Running sudo apt-get update i get the following error message: ... Ign rebecca/upstream Translation-en_US Ign rebecca/upstream ...
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Tracker-extract and Tracker-store processes consuming huge Amount of RAM

I am using Arch Linux, kernel 3.16. From last one week my two processes tracker-extract and tracker-store are taking too much RAM. It results in hangup of system once in every 2 hours. tracker-...
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big-scale tracker alternative for server filesystems

I'm using 8tb RAID storage (XFS filesystem) filled witch lots of files. By default Suse had installed tracker for file indexing/searching but: It's constantly reading HDDs (like for half a year now ...
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What tools can I use for PDF indexing?

In our working group we used Recoll on a Ubuntu PC to index all the PDF. For a while we moved everything to a Redhat server. Is there a Recoll alternative which doesn't requires a GUI adn support ...
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Desktop indexing with KDE

I have just upgraded to KDE 4.13 on Arch Linux and it has brought my system to a screeching halt. I am pretty sure it has something to do with Baloo the new desktop search indexing system. I am not ...
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generate a hyperlinked table of contents and insert into existing PDF

I have an existing PDF (without any corresponding source file), and a text file which is a list of items referencing sections within the PDF file, along with a page number for each item. I would like ...
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Shellscript to print a directory tree and files's contents with a nice presentation

I'm trying to write a shellscript which prints a tree-view for a specific directory and it's subdirs to pdf via latex, as well as the titles and contents of all scripts contained within that primary ...
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Find out when the recoll index was last updated

Is there a way to find out, when a recoll-index was last updated?
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Why index files? [closed]

I installed Linux on something like 3 or 4 different machines last year, and in two cases, I had a serious urge to vomit after noting that file indexers such as virtuoso (Debian testing with the ...
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