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IIO, the industrial I/O subsystem of the Linux kernel, is an interface sampling hardware and measurement control hardware abstraction layer that offers a wealth of drivers for RF, process control and other measurement devices.

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How to properly read from a sensor with libiio?

I am trying to read one sample from a sensor using libiio, but for some reason I always get the same sample unless I restart the application. Here is a minimal example #include <stdio.h> #...
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How to name a device in the device tree?

I have used a device tree overlay file (dtbo) to add a hardware reference over the i2c-2 node to my device tree. This device is an accelerometer that implements an existing driver that can be found ...
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How to fix MPU9250 configuration issue in device tree?

I have set up an i2c protocol which detects the mpu9250 at address 0x68. Now I want to configure the mpu and I have updated my dts file with the following lines of code: mpu9250@68 { compatible = ...
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DT bindings for ADT7516 sensor

I have a BeagleBone green and ADT7516's evaluation board connected with SDA and SCL pins. When I do i2cdetect -y -r 2, I can see the i2c address as 0x4b and I am able to probe the adt7316 driver ...
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Change iio-sensors data via custom ACCEL_MOUNT_MATRIX

I have a tablet with builtin sensors which allow me automatic screen rotation, based on iio-sensors-proxy. However, the screen orientation is off, and I need to fix it. On it's GitHub page (https://...
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A/D pins always read max (1023)

I am using the Aria G25 board from Acme Systems. I have their Terra board breakout. I have also asked this question on their google groups but thought it might be a more general issue so have posted ...
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Is there a way to expose extra settings through sysfs using the IIO framework?

The driver I'm developing has a number of settings I want the user to be able to change that don't really fit into the IIO framework. For example, using the IIO_CHAN_INFO_SAMP_FREQ enum in my read ...
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