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How can i find out which network interface managing solution is used on a given linux distribution in an easy and robust way?

I frequently find myself sitting in front of various different Linux installations and need to check or change network settings. They are different versions from different distributions (mostly debian ...
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Why is bridge-utils slowing down ifupdown-pre.service at boot?

Since I configured a bridged interface, I noticed that the boot went from 3-4 seconds to about 20 seconds. Here are my investigations, the ifupdown-pre.service is to blame. But why ? Note1 : I'm on ...
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DNS broken when using ifupdown and systemd-resolved after upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04

TL;DR sudo cp -p /etc/network/if-up.d/resolved /etc/network/if-up.d/.resolved.broken-orig #Edit /etc/network/if-up.d/resolved and take out the extraneous quotes on lines 48 and 52 #The fix looks like:...
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Bringing up ethernet device under Debian riscv64

I have a Sipeed RV 86 device, which is a RISCV 64bit. On this,I run a minimal Debian OS, that let's me log in via the USB interface, as the device shows up as ttyUSB0 on the host Linux PC. When I then ...
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Adding a VLAN-transparent bridge to Linux (Debian)

On my current Debian system I use VLAN tagging and I create bridges br-wan and br-lan that I use for LXC containers: auto lo br-lan br-wan iface lo inet loopback iface br-wan inet manual     ...
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