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Questions tagged [ibm-unix-system-services]

UNIX System Services (USS) is an included component of z/OS optimized for mainframe architecture.

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0 votes
1 answer

How to delete file and folder with irregular names

the content of some folder is like that: Folder name is empty File name is asterisk I can find inode of these file and folder OS - z/OS OMVS, so, there is no option -delete on find command How can I ...
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0 answers

SAN GPFS for db2 hadr share archive log

Did any one use SAN GPFS for db2 hadr shared archive log. Or any other solution for shared archive log between 2 different Sites. Primary site has 2 databasea and DR site has 2 AUX databases
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1 answer

"gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--format violated" error when extracting a tgz archive

I have to open a tar file. I used the following command line on my Unix shell: tar xfvz raw-GWA-data.tgz I found the following error message: gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--format violated tar:...
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run a MySQL service before service application in Linux?

What are the risks that maybe I get if I run a MySQL service before service application in Linux? [Unit] Description=**** After=mysql.service Requires=mysql.service [Service] ExecStart=**** Restart=...
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Yacs Libraryis not included in standard RHEL distribution [closed]

Today morning asking the admin of our server if they could install a library that is missing to run our python code. The answer war, they couldnt do that cause: "This library is not included in ...
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0 answers

awk on unix AS/400 (Qshell)

In linux, I can do this echo "hello" > a.txt awk 'sub("l", "x" )' a.txt hexlo But if I do it on Qshell, I get: echo "hello" > a.txt awk 'sub("l&...
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1 answer

AIX sftp to IBM sftp server using proxy fails

We have support server where would need to upload the snap data to IBM using proxy connection. We have already whitelisted the Server IP Address on the proxy side, Tried the ssh -J proxyjump option ...
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0 votes
1 answer

CentOS 6.5 livecd ISO fails to boot in IBM x240 server

CentOS 6.5 live CD ISO downloaded from fails to boot in my IBM x240 server. Boot Failed. IMM1:CD/DVD I tried ...
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-1 votes
2 answers

Tail a file on Mainframe that needs conversion [closed]

I want to tail a log file in Unix system services on a Mainframe LPAR that needs a ASCII to EBCDIC conversion?
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4 votes
1 answer

Unix vs OS360 (History)

I read the history of Unix operating system and also read the original Unix paper by Thompson and Ritchie. In their paper they mention some key features which Unix uses. Some terminologies including ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Does RPM automatically retry failed download attempts?

My particular situation isn't on a Linux box, rather an IBM i. But I'm running RPM within a BASH shell and attempted to download and install nano using RPM - it failed. I didn't think anything of it,...
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2 votes
2 answers

Xclock does not pop up

I'm trying to ssh a machine via xshell 5. And Xmanager (Passive) is working on background. I try to export display like this export DISPLAY=10.126.*.*:0.0 xclock But nothing shows up. When i type ...
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1 answer

How to restore a whole OS from TSM image backup?

With a: dsmc b image FSNAMEHERE I can back up all the filesystem in a machine. But how can I restore it? Boot off a liveCD, install TSM client somehow, then restore image backup to local disk? OS ...
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1 vote
1 answer

numfsbufs and mount/remount of File Systems

What is the right the procedure to set the numfsbufs parameter? The current value of the parameter is 196 App_Server:>ioo -o numfsbufs numfsbufs = 196 The details of the server (prtconf command)...
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3 votes
2 answers

IBM V7000 scripts for monitoring

Hello (I'm no hard core coder:), I try to develop a script to do some very basic monitoring on an IBM SVC. My goal is to get some information about the nodes and my quroum status and then send ...
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6 votes
2 answers

What is the best way to find a list of several strings within a large text file

The short, general question is: In Unix/Linux, what is the best way to find a list of several (about 150) strings within a large text file? I am asking this to all Unix/Linux experts as a general ...
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