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How to enable Geany hunspell spellchecker

I'm using Geany 1.38 on MX Linux 23, I have Hunspell & plugin installed and the English dictionary is working, but when I tried to add Spanish dictionary, it seems not working (Spanish text still ...
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hunspell dictionary not recognized in Thunderbird 102, when installed as Debian package

On Debian 12, I have installed additional language hunspell dictionaries: But when I start Thunderbird 102, it does not see them. When I click on Languages, it only offers the default English (United ...
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Hunspell does not identify an obvious correct form of a misspelled word

For the misspelled word "perapring" hunspell does not propose the correct spelling "preparing" and only proposes the following words: persevering pertaining innerspring preferring ...
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meaning of suffix in hunspell files i.e. `/EPSozm`

When I grep for phan in my hunspell-dic file /usr/share/hunspell/de_DE_frami.dic, I get list of words including cellophan/Sozm cellophan/hke cellophan/ozm glaukophan/EPSozm Where do I find ...
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Claws-Mail Spell Checker Not Finding hunspell-en_CA

I'm running the latest Claws-Mail (v3.17.6) on Arch Linux and downloaded the latest hunspell-en_CA package (v2019.10.06). When I go to 'Configuration > Preferences > Spell Checking' the 'Default ...
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Multiple lanagues in hunspell / locale

I am finding myself more and more using French as well as English. I use hunspell (mostly on Slack and Signal) which picks languages from locale, Is there a way to have my locale support both at the ...
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How to maintain a list of names for the Hunspell spell checker?

Hunspell should help the user to write names properly. The names should be defined in the home directory of the user, so that every user can define his or her own list of important names. If a user ...
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How to use the system spell checker dictionary in Firefox?

I want to maintain one good dictionary system wide. Unfortunately there are many applications which use their own Hunspell dictionary. Finally it depends on the application and its outdated ...
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Adding words to Hunspell dictionary of Typora Markdown Editor in terminal at least

How to add words to a specific Hunspell dictionary? I am trying to add words to the dictionary, but it doesn't work. Not from terminal nor from application Typora that uses the dictionary. root@...
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Firefox misspelling all words since version 61

On my Debian 9 with Firefox 61 every word is marked as misspelled, except numbers (right now, currently as I'm typing). Things I've tried: Remove en-US dictionary and return it (Had to hard delete ...
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How to list available dictionaries for hunspell?

Is there some way to list all available dictionaries in hunspell? Something like aspell dump dicts. printf | hunspell -D prints too much junk, and I want to query hunspell itself, not do something ...
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Make hunspell work with emacs and german language

I want to make hunspell work with emacs24 and a german dictionary on a ubuntu 13.04-box. To do so I installed hunspell and hunspell-de and added the following to my .emacs file: (setq ispell-...
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hunspell: add word to dictionary from command line

From hunspell man page: ... When in the -a mode, hunspell will also accept lines of single words prefixed with any of '*', '&', '@', '+', '-', '~', '#', '!', '%', '`', or '^'. A ...
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Can someone explain what hunzip is for?

I understand what hunspell is for, but I was browsing the source code and the man, and I'm not sure: Does hunzip compress text files or just dictionaries ?
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