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what should be the format of http logs of a proxy?

In this specific case I am using fabio and nginx and apache http proxy that just proxies requests to destinations. Both the "Combined Log Format" and "Common Log Format" do not ...
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Logging request headers in nginx

I want to log custom headers from clients requests. I have added "$http_my_header" to my log_format and it is logged nicely for POST requests. All GET request, on the other hand, a logged with empty ...
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Logging incoming request to my nginx proxy server

I would like to log all incoming requests, before it hits my worker nodes.
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Monitoring outbound server http header information?

What tool / function can we use on our linux server running CentOS to monitor the http headers that are sent from our application to another application on a different server? Looking for http header ...
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How to customize apache mod_sec log output?

I have an apache server which uses mod_security configuration. Those logs are further analyzed and sent out to OSSEC server for intrusion detection and monitoring. That OSSEC server then sends those ...
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Generic HTTP server that just dumps POST requests?

I am looking for a command line tool that listens on a given part, happily excepts every HTTP POST request and dumps it. I want to use it for testing purposes, i.e. for testing clients that issue ...
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Monitoring HTTPS traffic using tcpflow

I would like to use tcpflow to monitor https requests. I have read tutorials on how to monitor http traffic but when I connect to a host using https the output is garbled. I am using tcpflow in the ...
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On-the-fly monitoring HTTP requests on a network interface?

For debugging purposes I want to monitor the http requests on a network interface. Using a naive tcpdump command line I get too much low-level information and the information I need is not very ...
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Can anybody recommend an HTTP debugging proxy?

I would like something that allows me to: Inspect all HTTP(S) traffic between my computer and the Internet, including Modify incoming or outgoing data It would also be nice if it had a ...
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