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gpm 1.20.7: I can't paste text

Slacware64-current (july 2020) Kernel 5.4.50 Hi: This is from gpm's man page: [code] OPERATION To select text press the left mouse button and drag the mouse. To paste text in the same or another ...
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How to align gpm mouse cursor with graphical mouse cursor in spice viewer (QEMU VM)?

I have a Linux console running in a virtual machine (QEMU/KVM). Inside the VM I use GPM in order to select and paste text with the mouse. However, when I enter the VM's spice virt-viewer window in my ...
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Using gpm as mouse input in my application started from mc (midnight commander)

I use libgpm in order to read mouse events in my console application. It works fine if started right from the shell. It doesn't receive any mouse events if started from mc (midnight commander). ...
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Can GPM be used in a teminal emulator?

I noticed it when installing gentoo But I can't figure out of it's possible to get it to work outside of a tty. I'm using GNOME-Terminal if that matters.
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Tmux and GPM on bare tty

I am running Tmux 2.2 on Arch Linux. I tend to use it from a raw TTY console, rather than an xterm in a window manager. I have GPM installed and running, however I cannot seem to get GPM and Tmux to ...
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Enable mouse support in the console for applications that feature it in GUI terminals [closed]

Is there some general mechanism missing in text mode consoles but present in GUI terminals that I can enable for mouse-supporting applications? By "general" I mean not per-application (not application-...
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